Above: This Week’s Car Review – 2020 Mitsubishi ASX Exceed

2020 Mitsubishi ASX Exceed VIDEO Review

When given the chance, anyone with a brain always take the top model, so Mitsubishi gave us their ASX Exceed. Hoorah.

The range has many models: ES (man or auto), MR, ES with ADAS, LS, GSR, and EXCEED. ADAS is the fancy name for the safety features combined into a single suite. That means the bottom 2 don’t have ADAS.

We drove both the entry ES ($26,740 drive-away), and range-topping Exceed ($35,990 drive-away).



I like the looks, a lot. ASX has always been a sexy little thing.

ASX had a big face lift last year, which grafted the new Mitsubishi  family face onto the 10 year-old ASX. Essentially, putting some fresh jewellery on. Funnily enough, it has made the old model look even older.

The handsome profile benefitted from a spot of surgery. But, technology changes extend to a few safety features, and the addition of the 2.4L engine.

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This is the space where most car makers cheap-out when it comes to facelifts.

The diminutive body conceals quite the capacious cabin. There is bags of usable space. So, if you don’t give a rats for the very latest iPhone, you won’t notice gizmos missing.

The interior needs more than just a new infotainment system thought. It is showing the decade-old design most of all.

While Mitsubishi Exceed is partially leather clad, the rest of her suit is vinyl. Only the driver’s seat is powered,  and there is no lumbar support.

Rockford-Fosgate powers the sound with 9 speakers, including a right thumper in the boot. It takes up a massive 50L of space.

You’re still OK to take ASX chockers full of gear on that romantic getaway though. The big boot has oodles of room, even when the bass is thumping. I wonder if a plethora of portmanteaus would block much of the sound? The speakers faces sideways along under the side rear window.

A huge sunshine roof has a push-button slide away shade. Just as well, our summer are brutal.

The AC is a single-zone auto-climate control affair.

The centre console houses only a lonely gear lever, and a couple of cup holders. It wears a smart machined aluminium coat, and looks crisp and clean.

Knobs and controls are limited to the climate controls, seat heating buttons and the sound system. The rest is done via the 8” touch screen.

The interior is functional, like your favourite slippers. It is comfy but needs a freshen.


The 5-star ANCAP rating is date stamped 2014. Search YOUR CAR’S RATING HERE. ANCAP ratings now las only 6 years, after which is no longer valid. Fleet buyers usually require a date no older than 3 years, putting ASX out of contention, especially for government buyers.

ADAS, the safety suite, is not on lower models. In 2020, for the range to have 5 stars, all models must have the minimum requirements, not just the range topper.

Features include:

  • Forward Collision Mitigation system (FCM) AKA AEB.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Blind Spot Warning (BSW)
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

For the full feature list, see the FULL WRITTEN REVIEW HERE:

The Drive:

Exceed has a 2.4L 123kw/ 222Nm, 4-pot. It on 91ron juice, getting 7.9L/100k. CO2 is a bit high, at 186g/k.

You have 04mm of Ground clearance, but the front-wheel-drive is limited to decent surface only. Don’t be tempted to try a sport of extreme mudding.

Suspension is MacPherson strut up front and multi-link rear around the back.

ASX is great around town, but the CVT automatic feels old-school. It allows the engine to scream for mercy, even with a moderation shove of the pedal.

Parking uses a rear camera/sensors/cross traffic alert, to get into Coles with little fuss.

You get a neat set of paddles on the steering wheel, but you’re better off sitting back, winding up the sound, and taking your time. ASX is no power house, and is best suited to town trips and airport runs. God forbid you should do a school run.


The 5 year warranty, value pricing, and handsome looks, will appeal, especially to price-savvy young’uns. It isn’t fancy, or trendy, but ASX is very, very good at what it does. It is a big seller to Mitsubishi, and is one of the best sellers in OZ. There is up to 3 years of roadside assist if you service at the dealer.

Price $36,990 Drive away

Update to ASX 2.0L v 2.4L:
2.0 (4B11)à 2.4 (4B12)
Power: 110kW @ 6000rpm à 123kW @ 6000rpm
Torque: 197Nm @ 4200rpm à 222Nm @ 4100rpm
Econ (CVT): 7.6 l/100km à 7.9 l/100km
CO2 (CVT): 176 g/km à 186 g/km


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