It is hard to overestimate the effects that hot hatches have had on modern motoring. Peugeot’s 205 GTI and VW’s Golf gave car makers permission to be bold and daring. In that spirit, Hyundai has taken the challenge to the front door of the establishment, and lo, it is good. i20 N sits in a stable of racing inspired N sports cars, focused solely on kicking serious butt.

The only thing not completely clear is which colour I’d take. Blue, I think.


i20 N is so pretty, frocked up in all that fancy racing gear. LED headlights flank an intricately crafted grille, and a body kit trimmed in red, proudly announces the sporting pretentions. It isn’t a matter of lipstick on a pig, oh no. The rear diffuser, and various vents, direct air in and around, to aid speed on the track.

i20 is the smallest of Hyundai’s passenger cars, yet its petite proportions are all boasty-pants, while making the same city-car claims of its dowdy, nondescript cousin. The base model i20’s are not sold here, as more and more buyers desert the segment, opting instead for the fuller bosom of an SUV.

There is more than a touch of gladiator about the i20’s façade, but the beauty is not merely skin deep.

Get the full specification list HERE: i20NSpecifications-November2021

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