This is my first ever drive of an Eclipse Cross. I admit to a not inconsiderable amount of trepidation at the thought of driving a car to whom I had a less than a lukewarm attraction.

Trepidation managed, I collected the keys for my first look.

The first thing to note is Eclipse Cross has had a bit of a neaten up. The catastrophic rump with its ghastly 2-piece-glass hatch has been banished to the automotive naughty step. In its place is a neat, conventional hatch, clasped gently by a couple of large tri-foil LED tail lights. Our Exceed is the top of the 3-tier PHEV lineup, and there is a range of petrol-only models.

The front end is typically Mitsubishi, with a huge in-your-face grille flanked by LED DTRLs. The headlights are below, looking far more like fog lights. The side profile also takes some getting used to, and has had to find a way to work harmoniously with the redesigned face and rump. In a strange way, the extreme-wedge looks more at home now than it did when it first landed.

By way of comparison, we drove a petrol-only Eclipse to get an idea of just how brilliantly innovative PHEV technology is when standing side by side.

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