2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Aspire AWD Reviewed

It’s been a while since we really loved a Mitsubishi SUV, and Outlander doesn’t disappoint.

The 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander’s looks are a bit of an acquired taste. The front has a Land Rover-Esque flavour to it. The upright grille slants back near the top, and is flanked by massive chrome trims that run around the perimeter of the impressive lighting arrays. All exterior lighting is LED, with headlights including large fog lights.

I love a bit of chrome, but the plastic stuff deteriorates with time, peeling off like it is having a mini facial.

The effect is one of a considerably more grown up and sophisticated version of the car it replaced.


20” wheels manage to look much smaller than that really are, attesting to the fact that 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander is much bigger than it looks and feels. The kerb weight is 1725kg, with a 2706mm wheelbase. It is 1862mm wide, 1745mm high, and 4710mm long. That is plenty to cart around 7 peeps, with the 5 seat models to be had on lower trim levels.

Cargo space is accessed by an electric rear hatch, with up to 1473L of gear to be stashed back there. Most of us will never use the almost-useless 3rd row, so with them stowed, there is 478L to the top of the 2nd row seatbacks.

We stated in our film, that there was no spare, but Mitsubishi claims there is a space saver, so good luck finding that one.