You expect “cheap and cheerful” when you think Kia, but what you might not expect is “tasteful and elegant”, and that is what new Cerato is.

When a buyer visits a showroom they will sit in each car, trying them on for size. Like a good book, if the shopper isn’t hooked at first sight, the venture is lost. The metalwork has to look as sexy. Everything you see and touch has to evoke a sense of desire in a buyer. Kia has captured just the right balance between form and function.

As the fog cleared and the sun came out, South Australia’s beautiful wine country seem the perfect place to introduce Kia’s new Cerato Sedan. We drove several cars with the first being pearl white, and it really did look the business.

Last month, SUVs outnumbered passenger cars by around 40,000 sales year to date (source:Vfacts May report). Kia COO, Damien Meredith, said Kia is committed to the passenger car market and will continue to support its passenger fleet.

The new model has been lavished with extended driver aids and cabin technology.

The old model hatch will continue to sell along side the new sedan until the end of the year. By comparison doesn’t seem quite so well equipped, especially in the base model.

The range has a new naming scheme which starts with the base model S, then steps up to the Sport, and finally Sport+.

Kia pegged new Cerato against perennial favourites, Civic and Golf. So how does it stack up?

Very well as it turns out.


It’s easy mistake Cerato for a European.

All New Kia Cerato Sedan Sport+. Rear Still.

Designed at the company’s Irvine studio overseen by ex Audi design chief, Peter Schreyer, Cerato gets cool features like the signature Tiger Nose grille and unique DT