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35 years of the Golf GTI! Volkswagen is celebrating the anniversary of this icon with the new Golf GTI Edition 35. With 173 kW of power (18 kW more than the normal GTI), acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 6.6 seconds and special looks, this special edition GTI will be a collector’s item from day one.

Back in the summer of 1976 – when the very first production GTI was launched – no one ever would have surmised what Volkswagen had just unleashed. Some things simply cannot be planned – icons included. And so the first Golf GTI surprised everyone: buyers, competitors, the carmaker and all those drivers of other sports cars who had never heard of such a thing from Volkswagen, but were now being passed by it on the open road. Since then, the GTI advanced to become the most successful compact sports car in automotive history. 5,000 GTIs were planned – yet the GTI of our day is now approaching the production milestone of two million units.

The new Golf GTI Edition 35 is proving the awesome potential of this automobile. As always, it has front-wheel drive and offers superior traction thanks to its XDL extended electronic differential lock. The Volkswagen converts its maximum torq