We knew it was coming but it seems the conservative government fancies taking just that bit more money from your pocket. It is a new video processing fee of between 55c and $1.90. If you find this distasteful grab for more money from a cash strapped public unpalatable, please write to the roads minister and NSW Premier.

Duncan Gay-Roads Minister  office@gay.minister.nsw.gov.au

Premier Barry O’farrell office@premier.nsw.gov.au

Here is the letter from an incompetent government intent on stealing as much as possible from Australian road users:

Please be advised that from 1 June 2013 we are moving into line with other toll road operators in NSW and will pass on two types of toll road operator fees to you if your E-Toll Tag fails to be detected when using a toll road. The fees* are the No Tag Fee and the Toll Notice Transfer Fee.

Road No Tag Fee Toll Notice Transfer Fee
Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel $0.55 $1.10
Westlink M7 $0.75 $1.90
Hills M2 $0.55 $1.10
Lane Cove Tunnel $0.55 $1.10
Military Road E-Ramp $0.55 $1.10
Eastern Distributor $0.55 $1.10
M5 South West Motorway $0.45 $1.10

* Fees are accurate as of 1 December 2012. Toll road operators may vary their fees at any time. Fees are inclusive of GST.

What is a No Tag Fee?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The No Tag Fee does not apply to motorcyclists.

A No Tag Fee, (also known as a Vehicle Matching Fee) applies:

  • if you travel on a toll road without an E-Toll tag
  • if your tag is incorrectly fitted (and fails to function)
  • and (in all cases) a Toll Notice is yet to be issued.

Your vehicle Licence Plate Number must also be registered on your E-Toll account.

This fee will be referred to on your statement as ‘VIDEO PROCESSING FEE’  and will be identified as follows :

Summary use of toll facilities

Tag No                                 Reference                         Total $
Video PROCESSING FEE                                               0.55

Number Plate Identified
                  Vehicle Registration Number: ABC123

11/11/2012 10:59:51 SHB-002        06                            3.00
11/11/2012 10:59:51 VID FEE         01                            0.55

What is a Toll Notice Transfer Fee?
A Toll Notice Transfer Fee applies:

  • if you receive a toll notice from a toll road operator for a vehicle whose Licence Plate Number was not listed on an E-Toll account at the time of travel and
  • you subsequently elect to pay the Toll Notice Administration Fee using an E-Toll account.

This fee will be referred to on your statement as ‘TOLL NOTICE FEE’ and will be identified as follows:

           Summary use of toll facilities

Tag No                                Reference                         Total $
TOLL NOTICE FEE                                                      1.10

   Number Plate Identified
                    Vehicle Registration Number: ABC123

11/11/2012 10:59:51 SHB-002   06                              3.00
11/11/2012 10:59:51 TN FEE     01                              1.10

How can I avoid or minimise these fees?

  • Make sure your tag is in your vehicle, is fitted correctly and functioning.
    You can find instructions on how to do this at www.myetoll.com.au/tollroadfees .

If you need additional tags call us on 13 18 65 or visit your nearest Motor Registry. To help our customers, we are now waiving the $40 refundable deposit for 2nd and 3rd tags.

Please note: If you already have a 2nd or 3rd tag on your account, we will credit your account with the $40 deposit for each of these tags before 1 June 2013.

  • Make sure your current Licence Plate numbers are registered to your E-Toll account.
    You can update your registered Licence Plate Numbers by logging in to your myE-Toll account or by calling 13 18 65.
  • Make sure your tag is working.
    If you don’t hear a sound from your tag when you pass through a toll point, your tag may be incorrectly installed or may not be working. If you believe your tag is not working and you have been charged a ‘No Tag Fee’ or ‘Toll Notice Transfer Fee’ please call 13 18 65 or take your tag to your nearest motor registry. Please visit www.myetoll.com.au for more information on how to install your tag and ensure it is working properly.

What else has changed?

Additionally from 1 June 2013 there will be changes to our Terms and Conditions for all E-Toll customers. We have updated our Terms and Conditions to reflect changes in Australian consumer law, removed redundant and duplicated wording and updated our products.

Additionally, our Privacy Consent statement now states that we may contact you by email or SMS with regard to our products and services. If you would like to review the changes in detail you can do so by:

If you would like to talk to us about the changes to your E-Toll account, please call us on 13 18 65 and speak with one of our friendly staff.

Thank you for choosing E-Toll.

Yours sincerely

Craig Orth

General Manager, RMS Tolling Group