2021 Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic P250 S AWD Review

Over the years, poor old jaguar has been a bit of a shambles as it passed through more hands than a geriatric buffet. It has emerged as a subsidiary of TATA, the giant Indian car maker. Their models have gotten prettier with each generation, and the current crop are crackers. We’ve done the E-Pace to death, and thought it was a bit spesh. MEL Magazine agrees with us, that a special place is held in the hearts of gays and lesbians everywhere, for reviews that are just for us.

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That brings us to the majestic and imperious 2021 Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic P250 S AWD. It is as pretty as a gym-fit twink in speedos, and as handy as a fully-pouched tradie with boots and a flannie. Let that sink in for a bit. All of that imagery belies the fact that all Jaguars feel like a charismatic country pile on wheels.

Brochure and Specifications: 22MY_Jaguar E-PACE_Spec Guide_V2_170921_tcm642-898773


It starts with the exterior design, which is all swoopy and roundie.

19” wheels are no biggie, and the headlights look rather like the ones that came out with original E-Pace. Jag has done all the hard work under the skin, or should I say, under the glass. The bejewelled array is fully automatic, with LEDs, and an optional matrix system. See the video for a really cool infographic.

The body is a clever mix of metals including aluminium and steel. Not only does it make the body rigid for handling, but the safety is dialled up to max. The men in white coats usually ruin the good work done in clay. E-Pace manages to