Motoring reviews are many and the facts are pretty much the same. But, gay boys have different needs from cars and the reports are less about the cars and more about the lifestyle. We’ll also name the car companies who have GAY friendly employee policies to help you choose who you spend your hard earned money with.

If you are offended by gay folk then feel free to move on. We will have a fabulous time without you.


44 thoughts on “About

  1. Not gay, but I applaud you for finding a niche and empowering people.

    Anyone who comes into a site like this to try and put down others has too much time on their hands. If you go out of your way to ridicule or hurt others, that is a more damming reflection of your soul than who you decide to be with.

    All the best.

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  2. Just a suggestion, but have you guys ever thought about extending to a tuner audience? There are quite a few gay tuners out there (I’m one of them) but they are hard to find and its always a pleasant surprise to talk compression ratios with guys that also like guys.

    This would also tap into lifestyle and it might be interesting to see how such people live their lives among (yet another) Suso-hetero-normative world.

    Just a suggestion – anyway, great site and some really comprehensive reviews 🙂


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  3. Hello. Thanks for producing this highly entertaining and intelligently written blog! Your slant on car stuff for us gay boys is refreshing.

    Best wishes from Cambridgeshire, England

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    1. how fuckin’ ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!! A site dedicated to cars for gay people – what about a site that openly says it’s aimed at straight people only !!! You bunch of dickheads would be crying out discrimination wouldn’t you !!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. To object to a site you don’t like so vociferously, says more about you than it does it, most would wonder why you were here in the first place!! People of like minds band together in groups, so what!! Unfortunately this is one to which you are officially uninvited.


        1. Well listen here KNOB FEATURES, I only found your site after searching a particular vehicle which had a mentioned linked to your site….BELIEVE me I owuldn’t have actively seeked out yoiur site on principle !!! And it says nothing about me……….it says more about you folks who what equal rights and to be treated as everybody else in society yet wwhen it suits you want to be treated differently for your own intent purposes. Look at the Mardi Gra every year……ooohhh we want to be treated as equal so we’ll parade around once a year in public in our fluro skin tight pink hot pants and proudly wave the gay flag yet don’t discriminate against us for the other 364 days of the year…. What about a proud heterosexual parade every year for people who AREN’T gay ?Yeah talk about discrimination.

          What ever…….an by all means officially uninvite me, I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone on there anyway

          Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 20:34:40 +0000 To: kenbrowning@outlook.com


          1. I’ve only read one line of your idiot reply, so you get no pleasure out of ranting at me moron. Now just fuck off & die bitch.


            1. Justin he sounds quite the sad creature. Should someone point out the spelling of Mardi Gras? He certainly is protesting a lot. One wonders why they bother leaving comments on a gay site. If it helps, we are offended by him as he is by us which is a nicely balanced view IMO


            2. He seems to have a poo fixation as well. Amazing isn’t it that people pretending to be straight have an obsession with gay sex, and bums. I’ve never understood it. Is it small penis syndrome do you suppose? Thanks for reading Justin.


          2. Ken l bet you have enough cock to build a hand rail around hyde park..you are clearly are fighting with your sexuality and l bet stink of piss and cum from the public toilets you visit when your Cunt is asleep…kennie you need to come out it and let the anger and pain subside..then you can take multi cocks up your freckle GUILT FREE!!! ..KENNIE BOY you wont have frequent gay sites in the guise of a outraged Het..do it Kennie


          3. Hear hear ken! U r a good bloke!!
            God made Adam and Eve… not Adam and Steve!!
            U guys are all completely against the Bible! Shame on u all u faggot poofters! Get a life!


  4. Hello Fellas,
    Just ordered a VW Passat Alltrack. Your thoughts ?

    I know you have reviewed the Passat recently but any chance of an Alltrack review ?
    Cheers Devereaux.
    PS Love you guys


    1. We haven’t had any Alltracks for review as such but have had a quick drive. Not really enough to get a good feel of it but I liked what I saw if that’s any help. We’re booked up to the end of the year but will see if VW has one for a quick weekend. Thanks so much fro dropping in.


  5. Did i bump into you guys a few years ago in a convertible Mustang during the bushfires while you were driving an uncharacteristically crap car?


  6. I love the synopsis of your blog, creased me up.

    I don’t have a clue about cars though, London gayboys in general don’t, if you report on bicycles though then I know what is going on, although maybe you only mention them in things you hate when driving 😉


    1. Funnily enough I’m doing a piece in cycling as we speak. I have taken to the streets on my bike, but only in the bike lanes of course. It’s only those who wobble out in front of cars that I dislike. And never if they have nice legs! LOL


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  8. I dream about someday having a car that is more than just a nice “Mama” car! Don’t think I could ever afford a Lexus unless we win the lottery, but I sure would enjoy a little Cadillac. I’m looking forward to exploring more of your posts. Just read the one about the flat tire and realized you weren’t from “up here” since you were talking about winter!


    1. No indeed. And it is indeed winter here in Sydney. Just be glad you live where you live becausr the USA car prices are about 1/2 to 1/3 of what they are here. There is nothing wrong with Mama cars, but when you’re buying a car just for you, you can spoil yourself with something tasty:)


    1. LOL! Ta… But it’s true isn’t it? Motoring writers who drive the test car as if we all drive our cars on racetracks 95% of the time aren’t going to tell us what it’s like doing the shopping and doing the peak hour (or should I say 4 hour) in central city traffic.


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