Alfa-Romeo Giulia-Quadrifoglio - “EuroCarBody 2016” Award

Alfa-Romeo Parigi - “EuroCarBody 2016” AwardAlfa-Romeo Giulia-Quadrifoglio - “EuroCarBody 2016” Award 2

Alfa Romeo Giulia wins EuroCarBody 2016, the most prestigious award for body design in the world organised by “Automotive Circle International”. Currently in its 18th edition and taking place in the town of Bad Nauheim (Frankfurt, Germany) from October 18 to 20, the congress brings together experts in body design, materials, processes and manufacturing.

Open to all car makers, the yearly competition includes a number of workshops in which the most innovative solutions in the sector are presented in detail. In addition to this, the bodies of the competing cars are painstakingly scrutinised during the three-day event by a panel of engineers and experts and assessed on the basis of over 20 criteria grouped in five macro areas: development and application of innovative materials; innovative development and design solutions; innovative concepts applied to the industrial manufacturing process; values that are significant for the customer, such as safety, ergonomics, acoustic comfort and quality, and, finally, the comprehensiveness and quality of the presentation of the required technical/technological content.

Scoring 39.46 points out of a total 50, the exciting Giulia – the most genuine expression of the Alfa Romeo spirit and entirely made in Italy – triumphed over the high-level competitors: Honda NSX, Volvo V90, Bentley Bentayga, Aston Martin DB 11, Land Rover Discovery, Skoda Kodiaq and Peugeot 3008.
This outstanding result was achieved thanks to an efficient bodyshell which is light and rigid in equal measure, and the extensive use of ultra-lightweight materials such as carbon-fibre and aluminium. Additionally, this technical peculiarity, combined with the adoption of many innovative safety devices, contributed to obtaining top score (five stars) from EuroNCAP. Giulia totalled a 98% rating for adult protection, the highest ever achieved by a car despite the more severe evaluation system introduced in 2015.

The “EuroCarBody 2016” accolade recognises the qualities of this one-of-a-kind car. Getting into an Alfa Romeo Giulia, the symbol of technological excellence and Italian style, means climbing into the centre of this splendid mechanical creation. It is a new automotive dimension, one where functional and dynamic beauty combine to achieve new levels of performance with powerful engines, perfect weight distribution, unique technical solutions and the best power-to-weight ratio in its segment.