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Wolfsburg, Germany — The Golf GTI is considered an icon around the world, with great handling and a pure design DNA. Launched at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 1975, it created an automotive category that hadn’t actually existed until that moment—sporty front-wheel-drive compacts, or hot hatches. With its six successors to date, it has become the world’s most successful hot hatch and more than 2.3 million units had been produced by the end of 2019. That’s a phenomenon.

However, revolutionary ideas require evolutionary development. The first Golf GTI’s DNA lives on to this day in the agile front-wheel drive chassis, sporty performance, intuitive ergonomics, and authentic design. Some 45 years after the first GTI’s world première, Volkswagen is now launching the eighth generation. The first Golf GTI of the digital age will be a brand new, networked, and fully-fledged sporting vehicle.

The eighth Golf GTI is the most digital GTI of all time. Its entire electronic architecture has been created from scratch. And that changes everything. The new generation of software and hardware is tangible inside and when driving the vehicle. On the interior, drivers have access to a digitally-networked world of displays and controls. This enables the driver to customize the visual look and technology of their Golf GTI more intuitively, and in greater detail, than ever before. The driver can decide on functions including the color range of the background lighting and the individual configuration of the infotainment system,