Hybrid Vehicle Myths Busted: Nell Schoefield asks about Toyota RAV4 hybrid

Is a hybrid RAV4 just like any other car?

Hybrids drive like any other car with a few teensy differences.

The engine and electric motor team up together, or run independently. RAV4 comes as a two or AWD with the added ability to run for short periods as a pure EV on battery power alone. It saves a canny buyer at the pump. Yes, hybrid buyers are tight-arses.

The petrol engine charges the batteries, but regenerative charging is added when coasting or braking. Nothing is wasted. Instead of energy being wasted as heat, is it stored in the battery pack..

Nell asked if the batteries need replacing, but the battery pack should last the life of the car. So, you’d be unlucky for it not to play ball.

Are Hybrids as safe as other cars?

Yes. Hybrids have all the safety gear modern motoring offers. Active steering keeps the car centred in the lane. There is blind spot monitoring and autonomous emergency braking. Don’t be a bone head about it though. Keep your eyes on the road.

Reversing cameras and sensors, and nifty gadgets like Apple CarPlay, mean the driver shouldn’t be distracted.

Nell was impressed with the level of autonomy and safety.

ANCAP gave RAV4 another 5 star rating for the Toyota mantel piece. Here are the details

Do Hybrids have to plug in to charge?

No. Hybrids charge on the go. Hoorah! No “range anxiety” for you. “Hybrids really are the way of the future”, Nell said.

There are Plug In Hybrids which can be plugged in the owner wishes, but these too, can run without the need to recharge.

Unlike pure EVs (aka full electric cars), hybrids can do an interstate trip. You only need to top up the tank as you would any other car. That is cool!

Do Hybrids Really Save Fuel?

Yes. The Hybrid RAV4 gets:

2WD – 4.7l/100km, CO2 – 107g/km

AWD – 4.8l/100km, CO2 – 109g/km

What Fuel does a hybrid use?

RAV4 runs on 91ron fuel (aka regular unleaded) so although hybrids cost a little more to buy, they save the polar bears and stop the acid rain from falling. Well, not quite. Nell asked if 91ron contained ethanol. E10 is 10% and E85 is 85% ethanol. RAV4 would probably run on those too

Are hybrids really all that popular?

They sure are. 65% of all new RAV4s sold are hybrid. The figures speak for themselves. The doubters have been smashed as buyers talk with their fingers, or should I say, their banker’s fingers.

How long do hybrid batteries last for?

Toyota says you get a new battery for free if it gives up the ghost within 8 years.

They haven’t had to shell out too many shekels so far as the batteries should outlast the car.

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