In a Facebook Post Candice Keller Blamed Everyone but The Gun and Gunman For Americas Mass Shootings

Why not place the blame where it belongs “drag Queen Advocates” and “recreational Marijuana” “homosexual Marriage,” Keller says. According to the New York Times the chairman of the state republican party called for Candice Keller to resign.

Keller made these remarks in a facebook post  which was subsequently taken down and no longer available to the public.  Ms Keller’s remarks have drawn a viral backlash on social media many calling for her resignation.

WHIO reports “Ohio Rep. Candice Keller is now being asked to resign by the leader of the Ohio Republican Party” and Chairwoman Jane Timken said “the Facebook post by Keller, a Middletown Republican, “was shocking and utterly unjustifiable”.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is also calling for Ohio Rep. Candice Keller’s resignation. “Those people aren’t even buried yet and she came out with these comments,” said Jones.

WHIO further reports Keller has confirmed she has been advised “that I may not leave my house” as she has received threats.

Candice Keller’s website states

“I hold memberships with the NRA, United States Conceal Carry Association, and Buckeye Firearms Associati