Anti-Gay Megachurch Minister Arrested for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Underage Teen Boy.

Paxton Singer, 24, the youth minister for Harvest Bible Chapel in Aurora, Illinois Minister has been arrested for the alleged abuse of an underage teen boy. Other teen boys have also say the youth minister made advances towards them.

Harvest Bible Chapel Bi-Laws say;

“Scripture clearly teaches that God is the sole authority in matters of marriage and sexuality for all people, and that marriage involves the sacred joining together of one man and one woman in faithful, permanent union”

Singer has been charged with misdemeanour sexual exploitation of a child and disorderly conduct. According to the Chicago Tribune documents say Singer allegedly “knowingly enticed a person under 17 years of age to remove their clothing for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification of the defendant or the child,”

It is further alleged Paxton Singer asked the boy about his sexual habits and invited him to spend the weekend with him.

The Chicago Tribune also reports that a statement from Harvest Bible Chapel said Singer was “involuntarily terminated for cause” on Jan. 7 “related to incidents that required (Department of Children and Family Services) notification,” and that DCFS was alerted the same day.

Singer is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 11.