Are EVs really better for the environment?

Tesla and other EV manufacturers face a barrage of bullshit from fossilised MPs hell bent on keeping coal burning as long as they can.

They say that Teslas charged from the grid emit more CO2 than an ICE (internal combustion engine). Does that ludicrous claim hold up?

You won’t be surprised to hear that a Model 3 charged from pure fossil fueled grids emit about as much CO2 as a car getting 5.6L/100k.

There aren’t many pure ICE cars that get 5.6L/100k so the claim is looking mighty shaky. In countries where power comes from renewable sources, that figure becomes even lower.

In the USA for example, coal accounts for only 27% of power in the grid. Upper New York State sees the figure equating to an ICE getting around 0.787/100k. Their hydro power is clean, green, and mighty mean.

A report from Union of Concerned Scientists showed that the life cycle of EVs were about half of the emissions of an ICE vehicle. That includes the manufacturing, driving, and disposal, then there are the health benefits.

Tesla Reviews:

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It goes on to claim that rural drivers would benefit most from switching from petrol to battery powered cars.  “Leadership on vehicle electrification is critical to tackling climate change and protecting consumers from volatile oil prices.”

Read the full report HERE

There are some Australian states where renewables make up a greater mix so the benefits are clear.

The real reason Australia has lagged behind much of the rest of that the world is the government being lobbied by petro-chemical corporations, miners, and investors, who would be hit hard by an end to fossil fuels.

This ignores recent fires which burned through an area of land of about 2% of the continent. It killed 33 humans, over 1 billion animals, destroyed thousands of buildings, and caused a smoke plume that discoloured glaciers in New Zealand. In fact, the smoke circumnavigated the planet in an unprecedented disaster.

The time for talk has passed.