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Nico Rosberg

UPDATE:- I understand this coming weekend, Parisian partiers near a certain gay “cafe” in Rue des Archives, Le Marais (74004) might be in for a surprise.

Is Nico Rosberg gay. For some reason people seem to think, that because I like motor sports and write about cars, I’ll have had some personal experience with Nico. The answer is I have no idea whether he is or isn’t. Intense media speculation causes rumours to gather. Once rolling they gain speed like a freight train.

Two names that have been mentioned in the motorsport world are Kasey Kahne and Nico Rosberg. Those of us who have gaydar will notice a definite stirring. Whether or not this is only related to the fact that they are both relatively attractive or not who can say and both have been linked to one girl or another. It’s worth remembering that Liberace, Rock Hudson and Carey Grant were all linked to women. Nuf said.

The rumour is that there are 2 gay Formula 1 drivers so on a grid of 20 starters it stands to reason that there are 2 gay drivers doesn’t it? If there are 1 in ten of us are gay but is it my imagination, or is that figure going up? My gaydar goes off whenever Nico Rosberg and Jensen Button are in the room. Both are as hot and both metrosexual themselves into a frenzy and both have been linked with girls and both are fairly tightlipped about their private lives. It leaves us to speculate but if they really wanted to quash the rumours they could, but they haven’t and that is the most interesting point. Both have been seen partying with attractive blokes but then that’s how attractive blokes party, in packs. When asked about the attractive blokes with Kahne, Rosberg or button, the notoriously private drivers all simply say “I’m just OUT with a friend”. OUT? Let’s hope so.

For those readers who have asked the question but are far too lazy to use google, here are a couple of pics, Nico first and Kasey second. You decide and feel free to leave a comment. This should be interesting!

Kasey Kahne (1)Kasey Kahne (2)