Land Rover’s Discovery: ‘Around the World in 70 Days’ circumnavigation campaign is on target at the halfway stage, having travelled for 35 days across Asia.

  • Land Rover’s ‘Around the World in 70 Days’ reaches halfway stage in Singapore
  • Team headed by travel blogger Sergey Dolya has crossed Mongolia, China, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia since leaving Moscow
  • Journey so far has covered more than 17,000km

The team, headed by blogger Sergey Dolya, has already crossed Russia, Mongolia and China and last week visited Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. Sergey, said: “We are on track and I can only thank Land Rover for allowing me to take on this challenge.

“There’s no way we could have reached this point without the off-road capability of the Discovery, especially when we needed to cross a river.

We drove Discovery HERE.

“We even managed to get the cars washed by a group of elephants to make sure we keep them in good condition on what is a gruelling journey!”

In total, the expedition has driven more than 17,000km since departing Moscow on 7 June.

To complete a full circumnavigation, the team need to cross two antipodes – straight lines connecting diametrically opposite points on the globe.

There are very few of these points on land, but the team has already crossed one in the city of Enshi, China. The second antipode is in La Serena, Chile.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the brand, the team has taken two Land Rover Discovery SUVs to world-famous locations including the Great Wall of China, seeing Gin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, the ancient Thai city of Sukhothai and the Temple of the Laying Buddha.

The two Discoverys have had to tackle challenging terrains, from mountain roads, to desert tracks and even wading through rivers.

Land Rovers have crossed continents, won wars, and carried adventurers since the days of the first defender.