Whenever I hear the word “Audi”, I’m transported into an episode of AbFab…“Names, Names, Names Sweety.” When I think ‘Audi’, I think class, all class. And the new Audi baby SUV, the Q2, is a peach.

The neat sports-hatch-SUV is a perfect size with perfect proportions, with a stocky gym-fit look about it.

2017 Audi Q2 Limited Edition

The all-new Audi Q2 Limited Edition models are arriving in Australia throughout February


It has the looks of a sports wagon, but what looks like a rear window between C pillar and hatch is actually solid metal.

It doesn’t seem to adversely effect the visibility, which is just as well.

The “polygon” theme is highlighted by the designer taking a hatchet to the clay model and scything out a chunk along the top of the doors.

Audi says “no one else is doing it”, but I think it looks out of place. It puts sharp edges and corners on a rounded off profile.

The smallest of Audi’s SUV offerings looks to sit high enough off the ground for a little light off-road work, alas the front-wheel-drive petrol 1.4 litre probably wouldn’t lend itself to such aspirations.

There is an all-wheel drive quattro version, but costs many extra shekels.

Edition #1, a launch model special edition, has black highlights, and a great looking set of black 5 spoke alloys.

It is shamelessly aimed at the younger buyers with an eye for quality. The low-ish buy-in price may well just get there.

The rear ¾ view reminded me of a Volkswagen Polo, which is not a bad thing, merely an observation.

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