We had a small disaster recently. A planned story didn’t pan out when most of the pictures were destroyed by a moody laptop, an un-cooperative Micro SD and a very cranky and frustrated middle-aged gay man. In a spasm of generosity, we made another trip into the lap of Queensland’s food belt.

The further away you get from Capital cities, the more interesting things become, fact of life.




ABOVE AND BELOW: It’s like a scene from Wuthering Heights








below: An Old Tree


We headed out on the Ipswich road chatting excitedly. The purpose of our trip is not what might first appear. You see, our parents have only two kids, both boys, and both gay. Our father was recently told that he had terminal lung cancer. Worse still he has only a few weeks to live and is now confined to bed. It caught us all by surprise. You always think you have more time than you do and when testing cars in Queensland I would normally take my old mate for a spin to his home town of Boonah. Dad was born in the small country town what seems a million years ago. He is still wide eyed at mobile phones and digital cameras and the interwebs leaves him positively agog.



ABOVE: This tatty old ruin was once someone’s pride and joy.


He is from another era, a slower gentler era. It had steam trains, and outdoor loos, and cars the size of Tasmania with their massive bonnets and ancient fume-belching engines.

Volvo gave us a car. They said the city limits won’t frighten it too much and that we could go almost anywhere we wanted. As you know I’m fond of contemplating cosy charismatic country cottages and since seeing the photos of my last trip, my brother was too. With that we set of in our big red Volvo for pastures greener, literally.

The full story on the fancy schamcy oil burning Volvo Off road wagon will come later but for the pictures will have to do. They have been taken and edited by my dear brother to add a touch of drama and verisimilitude.



ABOVE: The Royal Hotel Harrisville

The pictures were taken mainly in the Fassifern Valley ju100k from Brisvegas. The day was moody and the purpose of the pictures was to remind dad of the places he knew from so long ago which he will never again see. Although his childhood house burnt down after having the new fangled electricity connected to it, the district is as stunning as ever.

BELOW: Church, Harrisville



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