Cyprus Bishop Claims Homosexuality is Problem Transferred by Mother. Is he a Friend of Folou?

Cyprus Bishop of Morphou Neophytos has made claims when speeking at a primary school that homosexuality is a problem transferred by women that enjoy anal sex.

The Cyprus bishop says Saint Proyros writes about this. “This is a problem transmitted by parents to child” the bishop says. The bishop go’s on to make ridiculous statements that this “problem” occurs when a couple has sex while the woman is pregnant, and the sex is “unnatural” as he categorises anal sex.

Apparently the bishop claims ‘Saint Profyrios’ says that when women enjoy anal sex a desire is created, which is subsequently passed on to the child. I’m guessing its not that you cant have anal sex during pregnancy just don’t enjoy it and you will have a straight child.

The video was posted on youtube where it has subsequently gone viral. Not surprisingly many people found the claims outrageous and/or quite amusing.

Hey if anyone wants to ask their parents and post your results we are all ears lol.