BMW M850i picks up the the original left off.

20 years ago, a BMW 8 Series was the by-word for fast, powerful, gentlemen’s touring.

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It was classy and sophisticated, and its unique wedge shape was seen in all the right places, the haunts of the well-heeled. Even now, when you think of that car, you imagine sipping champagne, in a tux, leaning against the balcony at the Opera House.

The new 8 Series brings back that Hollywood glamour, and matches it with M level performance. It is, quite simply, magnificent.

Set against the backdrop a leafy inner Sydney suburb high above glittering Sydney Harbour, BMW revealed the newest German muscle car-come-GT. A coupe and convertible M850i sat with a mint original 8 Series coupe in between.

As well as M850i xDrive coming with or without a roof, as the name suggests, it has All-Wheel-Drive.