Scott and Corey decided a trip to Sydney would be better done by road than air. Their Tesla Model 3 Long Range would be tested, but would if be fab, or a dreadful fail?

Before I answer, consider this: chargers are rare, even now. The last 2 years has seen Australian weather on some kind of weird cosmic spin cycle. In that time, floods, fire, and mice plagues have come and gone, then come again.

The last few months has seen several one-in-a-hundred year floods, one after the other, pound the east coast. Savage seas reshaped the landscape by gouging chunks of beachfront like a drunken bogan at a pie-eating contest. Chargers have been either been done to a turn, or drowned like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Is it just me, or is that a really bad time to go on a road trip?

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