Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller Blames Mass Shootings on Open Borders, Homosexuality, Video Games

NBC4  reported yesterday that an Ohio state lawmaker who lives just miles from the location of the mass shooting in which 27 people were injured has made outrageous claims in a now deleted post on social media.

Candice Keller says “Why not place the blame where it belongs?” going on to say “The breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage and drag queen advocates”.

CNN  reports the gunman wearing a bullet proof vest was killed by police within 30 seconds of opening fire with a .223-calibre high capacity rifle with a 100 round drum. The motive remains unclear.

Preliminary police assessments does not indicate racial or political motive. Police say “We do not have sufficient evidence to answer the question: ‘Why?'”

According to CNN reports 9 people were killed in the horrific attack that lasted just 30 seconds. The Dayton shooting was the fourth incident of this kind in America in the past week in which a total of 34 people have been reported as killed.

Candice Keller Claims Gay Drag Responsible For Mass Shootings