In our new podcast-style news cast, we talk about cars and events.

This week:

  • Hyundai’s new Ute
  • Audi RSQ3
  • How car makers choose what goes into your car
  • Luxury Car Tax
  • Electric Motor Cycles
  • Electric Cars
  • ANCAP and EuroNCAP explained

Navin asks if the new Hyundai Ute will work and whether the Audi RSQ3 is just an expensive waste of time.

SUVs have exploded in popularity and we ask if it is a fad or a fancy.

AUDI, Hyundai, and ANCAP stories BELOW:


Hyundai IONIQ Video review

Audi RS News

For years, buyers have wondered about how car makers decide what features their news cars will have. We tell you how they do it.

Luxury Car Tax was brought in the protect local car manufacturing. Now that has ceased, is that tax nothing more than the government reaching into your pocket?

Electric Bikes are just beginning to emerge and we ask if Australia will be a major player.

Electric cars are popular overseas, so why is Australia being left behind? Could it be the lack of leadership, or just government bloody-mindedness.

ANCAP and EuroNCAP are organisations which test vehicle safety by evaluating cars to destruction. Crash tests result in a simple 5 star rating, but is that rating giving buyers a real view on how safe their car really is?

We think buyers should read the full report which breaks down each rating in to individual results. You can enter you car brand and model, and see if your family and friends really are as safe as the rating makes your think they are.

Both systems are now fully aligned and the criteria from EuroNCAP can be used to rate a car sold in Australia. Australia has 2 facilities, 1 in Melbourne and another in Sydney.

We think buyers should investigate their car fully before buying. You can see your car’s test results HERE

Take note of the date stamp (the date of test) and the results for each test.