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If you live somewhere outback or in the country or regularly need to go off-road properly, only a real 4×4 will cut it. You don’t want to get caught with your muds in a flap. 4×4 vehicles are for the real adventurer and we don’t mean the nightclub kind.

Seriously though if you’re planning epic off-road excursions, maybe some rugged, hard, bouncy play is just what the ranger ordered.  Oh the 4×4 large body means they’re very practical accommodating plenty of passengers so you will never get lonely out.

104, 2020

Nissan N Trek Warrior VS Toyota Hilux Rugged X down on the Farm.

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Imagine a beautiful place, no not that one, THIS ONE! You’ve travelled for 4 hours, through towns each smaller than the last. First the glorious Blue Mountains, then Lithgow, Bathurst, and Orange, and still you head west. The countryside changes as you fling headlong down [...]

1403, 2020

2020 Nissan Patrol Ti-L: Comfortable Off Roader

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2020 Nissan Patrol Ti-L Nissan Patrol is a big old beast of a thing. It went in for a facelift, and came out looking a little less frumpy. The look is somewhat polarising. There are some who love it and others who don’t. The look [...]

2701, 2020

2020 Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ Review

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Like most LCV (pick-ups), the range is extensive. Choices start with a low-rent single-cab chassis for $22,490. This base model has the bare bones for tradies who are watching the pennies, don’t need much power, and don’t want to pay for 4WD systems they will [...]

1201, 2020

2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

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“The current Pajero Sport was launched in 2015 as a Stylish & Comfortable off-road SUV concept. It inherited full-feature all-terrain performance, durability, reliability, safety and performance that define the DNA nurtured through successive generations of Pajero. This delivers an elegant and stylish design, together with comfort and easy-to-live-with utility. [...]

1012, 2019

The Last Overland Adventure

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The Last Overland, a team reversing the famous 1955 Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition continues its journey from Singapore to London with a visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing facility in Nitra, Slovakia. Help Support Gay Car Boys Subscribe to our Youtube Channel  [...]

1910, 2019

2020 KIA Seltos in Noosa Queensland Australia gaycarboys

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2020 KIA Seltos Clever old KIA continues its classic hit parade with new Seltos, and what a peach it is. In this video review, David and I travel some [...]

108, 2019

Crossing Simpson Desert 4×4 Jeep JL Wrangler | Chris Collard

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Jeep Chris Collard leads a team of adventurers to recreate the 1969 East-West Australia Expedition, in the all-new JL Wrangler American Off Road Hall of Fame inductee, Chris Collard, has accomplished a milestone [...]

1006, 2019

2019 Toyota Prado GXL: Queen of the road VIDEO REVIEW

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2019 Toyota Prado GXL Introduction Prado is practically geriatric in automotive terms. In the 10 years since release, it has received the occasional attention of men in white coats. Have the nips kept it modern? Sort of. In 2015 the 2.8L Euro 5 diesel appeared. This new diesel accounted [...]

2409, 2018

Toyota Hilux Rugged X Review and video

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2019 Toyota Hilux Rugged X Review,  Road Test, and video. Intro Toyota Hilux continues to be Australia’s top selling vehicle. It has consistently held this mantle for a very long time and shows Australians shift to SUVs favours heavily in their buying plans for the foreseeable future. “Hilux is [...]

1709, 2018

2018 Audi Q2 Review

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Another week another small SUV. We cast our eye over the Audi Q2 Quattro Sport. This seems to be the fashion at the moment with every second test car sitting in this category. At $48,500 the Q2 is floating around the price range of some large SUVs, so let’s [...]

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