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Car-based with large in-cabin storage space, the wagon body style delivers a sizeable accommodation for passengers and cargo. A wagon, also called an estate car or estate is a car body style which shares the hatchbacks two-box design with a hatch door at the rear. Station wagons are generally longer An easy way to determine whether the car is a wagon or not is that the roof line of a wagon continues past the rear doors, a wagon is designed to maximise cargo space. A wagon often offers features from all-wheel drive, roomy interiors to off-road capability with elevated clearance.

2603, 2017

Hyundai i40 wagon: feature packed pocket friendly transport

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Yes we like: looks, classy interior, features, great ride/handling Not so much: no CarPlay, jerky DCT at low speed, Hyundai packed their i40 chockers full of features with a simple drivetrain and trim level choice. You get a wagon (tourer) with 6 speed auto ”variable induction” petrol, or sedan/wagon 7 [...]

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