10 10, 2017

How To use Land Rover Discovery smart seats and rear tailgate

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Not so much an how to, but rather an "isn't this fabulous". Land Rover has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure life is easy. Of course it is all optional, but we think it is worth the bucks. https://youtu.be/7tW9L06B-Wc The 2nd and 3rd rows of seats move into a horizontal position without having to faff about. [...]

8 08, 2017

Helpful Hints: How not to use automatic parking

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In a rare outtake film, two of the most useless people on Earth prove that even when men read a user guide, they're none the better for it. David and Alan struggle with the simple concept of automated parking. https://youtu.be/SvowIE5UU6E

16 07, 2017

2017 Tesla Model S P100D menu and interior

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Every now and then, something special comes across my desk. When I received a request to take a Tesla, the first thing to do was familiarize myself with the complex interior. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The interior was simplified to the point of austerity. There are almost no buttons or levers visible to clutter the beautiful cabin. [...]

4 07, 2017

Helpful Hints: etag placement

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  Where do I place place my E tag (for tolls) on my windscreen? A question we get asked a lot. We literally got an email about it just the other day. It is sometimes listed among the stupefying list of contents in your Owners’ Manual. If you can’t find it, the best place is behind your review mirror. What [...]

12 08, 2013

Go Topless Or Go Home: cars For gayBoys

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If I had my choice of any car what would I buy? I’m often driven demented pondering that very question. The better question is “what’s the best car for a certain price?”, because everybody has one. You see, gay boys have different requirements. There are rarely children to consider so lifestyle becomes important above all else. For the active amongst [...]

15 03, 2012

Using Your iPhone 4 Navigon GPS incar: No sound! What’s wrong? UPDATE

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This video showing the system being used. but remember, either switch to bluetooth on car audio, or disconnect from bluetooth to get sound. YOU CAN ALSO USE YOUR USB CONNECTION FOR SATNAV. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AS PER BLUETOOTH. YOU MIGHT NEED TO UNPLUG YOUR CORD THEN PLUG IT IN AGAIN. SOMETIMES YOUR CAR STEREO GETS A BIT CRANKY-PANTS [...]

17 11, 2011

Satnav won’t work on my Iphone in the car: Using your Iphone GPS in a car which has Bluetooth and/or media streaming

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  Well boys and girls, you’ve come home with your prized new iPhone in your hot little hand and start stuffing new apps onto it with gay abandon. One of your purchases is Navigon, Satnav for a phone. It’s a Garmin program so you expect it to work faultlessly. You jump in the car, pair your phone are you're off [...]

13 11, 2011

5 favourite pieces of Auto tech this year.

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1: Volvo forward camera. The R design shown here in a left-hander shows the TV screen at the centre of the Volvo drivers’ universe. Take your eyes off those nifty blue dials for 20 seconds and cast it over the simple console. Its elegance is the key to its simplicity, perhaps not more than you expect from the country who [...]