15 08, 2016

The new Audi A4: As Smooth as a James Bond Pickup Line.

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Audi is the understated German, and the A4 is as handsome as it is smooth and stylish without screaming “Look at me” in various technicolor shades of neon. The body is more of an evolution than a revolution. The curves continue the supple changes that reflect the modernization of other Audi models. It continues the shield grille front end, but [...]

9 06, 2016

Audi’s SQ5 diesel: yay, or nay.

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Audi Q5: and oldie but a goodie, but this one is an “S”. Yes yes yes, oh YES!: Comfy, quiet, spacious, quick Oh dear me no: pricey, bad instrument layout, feels behind rest of fleet in looks and function Audi has renewed much of its fleet over the last few years but the Q5 is still waiting for a replacement [...]

11 11, 2015

The Name’s 7, Q 7

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Yes yes yes, Oh YES: superb engine, quiet cabin, feels expensive Not so much: the VW scandal, possible resale issues I can picture the Q7 in a Bond flick. It would be driven by a heavily tattooed muscle-for-hire thug. In the back seat, a rancid villain would be running his evil empire shielded from the law by the dark tinted [...]

24 06, 2015

Audi is the new black: S3 Cabriolet.

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    Yes Yes Yes oh YES: Pretty beyond belief, comfy, punchy engine, fuel economy, Bang and Olufsen sound Oh dear me no: slightly cramped boot but ok with the roof up, magnet for the rozzers Audi is the new black. Perhaps it is because the roof is down and you can hear people commenting but the nice words flowed [...]

3 03, 2015

Audi’s A3 Droptop: A Posh Open Air Experience

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  Yes yes yes oh YES: smooth engines and DSG, quality feel of fittings, subtle styling, smooth roof Oh dear me no: Needs special USB adaptor cable, cheap-feeling steering wheel, devilishly difficult satnav input, too many expensive options All convertibles are fabulous, period. So what about this little Audi A3? Audi is subtle and elegant. Driving an Audi is like [...]