6 08, 2015

Citroën launched it’s new C4, and we liked it

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  First Impressions: A very cold windy day in Canberra, with the merest hint of rain is the perfect weather for experiencing French cars in their natural habitat. It is the misery they were made for. \ So, the new C4: What’s it got? There are smart new 3D head and tail lights, daytime running lights, a fab new 1.2L [...]

16 04, 2015

Citroen Fully Pimps Revamped DS3 with extra Bling

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It’s a cutie isn’t it? The Brisbane launch put the DS3 through bends tighter than a Scotsman’s wallet and the Citroen ate them for breakfast. It isn’t the most powerful motor in existence but it hums contently no matter what punishment your throw at it. Before I go into the changes the updates have brought us I’d like to spend [...]

15 08, 2013

Hey Hey It’s Citroën Day: DS Leads The Charge

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    For those of you who have heard the name before, DS conjures images of a space-ship-like car from the 60’s gliding along effortlessly even on the most rutted of country roads. You’ll think of elegantly dressed ladies in posh frocks and men in their Black and Whites sipping cocktails and smoking cigarettes in long holders sitting in the [...]