More than just a pi**ing contest. We drive cars like you do. We don’t shred tyres and we don’t rev the tits off the cars we drive. Why? Because that’s not the way you drive. If you did, you would need shares in BP and Goodyear and you would need a new car every few months.

24 07, 2013

What a Clever Little Astra. We drive the OPC and Compare to the Focus ST

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Opel’s Astra OPC vs Ford’s Fab Focus ST Although it’s been done to death, this comparison naturally occurs and many writers feel the need to throw in Renault’s Megane RS. Indeed it looks good, they all do. You can read our earlier drive of the Focus HERE but we took her for another spin just to refresh. It’s a terribly [...]

20 02, 2013

Jeep Wrangler Special Ops VS Toyota FJ Cruiser

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FJ and Jeep Wrangler 2 of the sexiest cars on the road have recently spent time in the GCB bunker, and weren’t we pleased. Each is an icon in its own way and each is a superb off-road performer. The Jeep has been around in one form or other for decades with the Wrangler being the Spiritual successor to the [...]

20 08, 2012

Honda’s CRZ HYBRID vs Peugeot’s RCZ: Answers to questions you didn’t ask!

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In a spasm of sisterly generosity, we decided to get our two favourite sports cars together for a hot date. The motives were not just a collection of random ideas of a nebulous and essentially irrelevant nature, but rather deep and primal need to answer a question which has been on the lip of everyone’s tips: What is better value, [...]

30 06, 2011

Does taking your top off make you sexy? Living with convertibles. WRAP UP: Peugeot 308cc, VW Eos, Lexus IS250c

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When we set out there were just a couple of tiny little objectives. We wanted to know if you could live with a roofless car and could you use it every day and what is it like to drive a convertible. Would it surprise you to learn that there is not a single solitary reason why you should not own [...]

28 06, 2011

Does taking your top off make you sexy? Living with convertibles. Peugeot 308cc, VW Eos, Lexus IS250c (part 2 308cc)

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  Peugeot 308cc So you know all about the Eos now don’t you? And you know we like a bit of a droptop or 4 don’t you? So here’s another one… The 308cc. It’s a Peugeot. It’s comfortable. It’s reasonably quick. It has a steering wheel. So, is it any good? Well actually, it’s not too shabby. We got the [...]

14 06, 2011

The Hot Hatch Hoedown: Mini JCW, Honda Civic Type R and VW Polo GTi

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The hot-hatch niche is chockers with Shockers, but some are truly tasty and here are three tasty titbits. For those who have read my stories in the past will know I loathe non-existent suspension that has the merest few millimetres of travel. It is almost always coupled with tyres that are nothing more than smears of  expensive rubber on even [...]

3 05, 2011

A Gimpse into Our Future: Luxury and topless. Gay boys with tops off!

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Tasty tidbits: Upcoming cars VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Do you fancy getting the top off? What about a bit of relief of that Executive Stress? We thought just a teaser of what’s coming up over the next few months. As well as motoring NEWS, we’ll have some tasty morsels to shed a bit of light on the darkest nooks [...]

17 04, 2011

V8’s at 20 paces: steaming hot Holdens! Gayboys like something hot and throbbing don’t they?

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Holden Commodore berlina 3.0L V6, SSv 6.0L V8, Calaise 6.0L V8, Caprice 6.0L V8 and SV6 3.6L V6 Most little boys, and a number of little girls, grow up with Motor sports and like it or not, we are Ford or Holden people, Commodore or Falcon? Even if we don’t watch it, everyone knows what and where Bathurst is. We’ve [...]