1 08, 2019

Bugatti: Veyron VS Chiron

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Bugatti succeeded in producing a superlative sports car in 1991 with the EB110. Developed and created by Bugatti enthusiast Romano Artioli, the EB110 was in a league of its own: – an epoch-making development that was decades ahead of the competition. It was created from scratch, without a predecessor [...]

5 07, 2019

90 Years Le Mans – Bugatti Dominates The French Grand Prix 1929

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It is a demonstration of performance with no equal: amongst the six first through the finish line are five Bugatti drivers. 1929 was the year for the French constructor. After the victories in Australia, Antibes, Algeria, Monaco and Targa Florio, the drivers during 15ththe French A. C. Grand Prix the [...]

23 08, 2011

Galibierset for go-ahead

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How about this little number for your own humble shack. Doesn’t it look like a 4 door Bugatti Veyron? That’s because it’s a new posh car concept from Bugatti. It hasn’t got the go ahead yet, but the big bosses are putting the finishing touches to their shiny business case. The Galibier is believed to be heading to market with [...]