10 08, 2020

Hyundai Spins off IONIQ as EV Brand

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Hyundai Motor Company today announced the launch of its new IONIQ brand dedicated to battery electric vehicles, opening a new chapter as a leader in the era of electrified mobility. Under the IONIQ brand, Hyundai will offer customer centric EV experiences centered on connected lifestyle solutions in line with Hyundai’s vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’.

9 08, 2020

Joey Legano, Mustang Mach-E In Nascar Cup Series Broadcast

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All-Electric Mustang Mach-E 1400 To Star In This Weekend’s Nascar Cup Series Broadcast NASCAR Cup Series Champion Joey Logano this week had a chance to feel the raw electric power of the one-of-a-kind Mustang Mach-E 1400 prototype along with Ford's famed drift star Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Ford’s Romeo Proving Grounds in Michigan.

6 08, 2020

New Kia Stonic to Have Mild Hybrid Drivetrain

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Kia Motors has introduced significant upgrades to the Kia Stonic compact crossover, strengthening the car’s position in the European B-SUV segment. The upgraded Stonic now offers drivers a range of efficient new ‘Smartstream’ powertrains, with innovations that enhance efficiency. Among these, the Stonic now offers Kia’s new gasoline 48V mild-hybrid ‘EcoDynamics+’ powertrain, and is also equipped with the company’s new ‘clutch-by-wire’ intelligent manual transmission.

6 08, 2020

Expect a Fully Electric Bentley by 2026

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Bentley Motors today announces a three-year research study that promises to transform electric vehicle powertrains, utilising a fully integrated, free from rare-earth magnet e-axle that supports electric vehicle architectures. This reinforces Bentley’s ambition to lead sustainable luxury mobility and introduce the first fully electric Bentley by 2026.

5 08, 2020

AAA Adds 55 VW E-Golf for Hire

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AAA Car Subscription now offers 55 Volkswagen e-Golf electric vehicles available for short-term subscription in the Sacramento area as part of Electrify America’s Green City initiative. The program is another facet of Electrify America’s commitment to advance an electric mobility lifestyle for residents in California’s capital region and introduces a new alternative to traditional car ownership. Through AAA Car Subscription electric vehicle (EV) service, members can now get a 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf with insurance, repairs, maintenance and emergency roadside assistance all for one monthly subscription fee.

1 08, 2020

Nissan Pavillion – Pay for Parking with Electricity

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Nissan is giving customers yet another reason to love their electric cars: the ability to pay for parking with electricity. In a global first, electric vehicle drivers will be able to discharge power from their car’s battery pack to pay for parking while visiting the Nissan Pavilion exhibition space in Yokohama. The venue opens to the public tomorrow.

1 08, 2020

General Motors And Evgo Accelerate Fast EV Chargers in USA

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General Motors (GM)and EVgo plan to triple the size of the nation’s largest public fast charging network by adding more than 2,700 new fast chargers over the next five years, a move set to help accelerate widespread electric vehicle adoption.

31 07, 2020

Hybrid Mazda3 and CX-30 on Sale From August

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The world’s first production petrol unit to exploit the benefits of diesel-like compression ignition, new 2.0-litre Skyactiv-X M Hybrid is the next step in Mazda’s multi-solution approach to reducing emissions.

31 07, 2020

New Ultra-Fast Chargefox EV Charger: Murray Bridge SA

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Murray Bridge is the 15th ultra-rapid station opened by Chargefox, and joins hundreds of charging plugs across their network. The ultra-rapid charging station on the corner of Mary Terrace and Seventh Street takes as little as 15 minutes to recharge an EV with enough power to travel up to 400kms.