2 04, 2020

Keep Your Car Coronis Free

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Much of the world is confined to quarters, but some still need to use their vehicles. Here are some suggestions on how to keep it clean. These suggestions also work for home. While bleach and other harsh cleaners work best, they might damage some surfaces, particularly paint, leather, and vinyl. Help Support Gay Car Boys [...]

15 07, 2019

Roundabouts, Accidents, and Feet on Dashoboards

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Why Roundabouts Cause Chaos Roundabouts rate as one of the biggest annoyances. Using them is easy, but a lack of education makes it dangerous for some. Think of a roundabout as just another corner, and you can’t go wrong. How to use a Roundabout On a single lane: give way to anyone already on it. That [...]

24 01, 2018

The Truth about Roadside Assistance

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Most, if not all, new cars come with roadside assist. This package supplied as part of the purchase of your brand spanking new pride and joy. A friend told me the other day that he didn’t need to maintain his car because he got is serviced, and had roadside assist. Dear me, have we really come to this? A [...]

10 02, 2014

My Radio Won’t Work When the Ignition Turns Off

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I received literally no letters at all this week about this subject but here is a top tip tip anyway: When you think your car audio system isn’t working because there is no “accessories” setting, try pressing the “on” switch on the radio. It sounds silly but many car makers now have decided that  if you want your radio on [...]

31 08, 2011

Top Tip 12: do I place place my E tag (for tolls) on my windscreen?

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A question we get asked a lot. We literally got an email about it just the other day. It is sometimes listed among the stupefying list of contents in your Owners’ Manual. If you can’t find it, the best place is behind your review mirror. A lot of cars now have metal in the glass to reflect the UV light [...]

17 06, 2011

Happiness is a warm car. My Lexus CT200h got a flat!

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This is the Lexus I have this week so I thought I would share a few tings in anticipation. I went out for dinner tonight and although it is the middle of winter, the car was cozy inside. Half way through the evening I took a friend for a spin around the block, but things felt just a smidge wrong. [...]

3 06, 2011

Top Tip 10: What do all the letters and numbers means in a car’s name?

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Mercedes 63 230SL Pergoda What do the numbers and letters mean? You would be forgiven for being a little confused when trying to decipher the seemingly impenetrable wall of gobbledegook involved in car names. You get “GLE” or “SI” or “350”, but none seems even slightly hinting at a meaning. Badges are usually there to help the buyer navigate through [...]

27 05, 2011

Top Tip 9: I’m so confused about car buying. Where do I get info easily?

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DUR! Read read read. You can’t abrogate all of your responsibility can you? See what you fancy by going for a drive past some car yards. Do you want new or used? Do you want snob value? Is a badge more important than life itself? You’d be amazed at how many people just HAVE to buy the badge. They don’t [...]