9 06, 2016

Audi’s SQ5 diesel: yay, or nay.

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Audi Q5: and oldie but a goodie, but this one is an “S”. Yes yes yes, oh YES!: Comfy, quiet, spacious, quick Oh dear me no: pricey, bad instrument layout, feels behind rest of fleet in looks and function Audi has renewed much of its fleet over the last few years but the Q5 is still waiting for a replacement [...]

7 11, 2015

HARS –Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

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We took the Audi Q7 for a spin to Albion Park Rail to visit the HARS hangars and the fabulous planes held therein. Here are some random shot including the aircraft. There is a 747-400 recently decommissioned and the inimitable Connie, a Super Constellation. Of course I couldn’t resist a snap of a mint condition Volvo P1800s lurking just under [...]