Private viewing of Conrad Martens watercolour Elizabeth Bay at the Art Gallery NSW storage facility

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Elizabeth Bay by Conrad Martens c1838 A pencil study for the painting above. The house today with only a small piece land surrounding it. Two views of the salon showing the staircase and the dome above it. When I was a slip of a lad I became enamoured with a watercolour by famous Australian painter, Conrad Martens. The picture, Elizabeth [...]

Clover Moore: Pro green, Pro TriGen and most importantly, Pro WHEELS

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Video presentation here Sunday the 11th saw the heavens open with a storm that would make Thor himself feel right at home. But we Sydneysiders are made of sterner stuff than that so the storm failed to dampen the excitement which built as we once again entered the historic Sydney Town Hall, through the vestibule (noted as one of the [...]