We’ve been spruiking the benefits of driving EVs and the ability to charge fast, cheaply.

Chargefox revealed this week that they will be increasing the 40c/kWh on the 350kw chargers, to 60c. We’ve used the Tesla Superchargers at 58c recently and this makes the cost to top up a 78kWh battery to near $50. While that is still considerably cheaper than getting the same range from a petrol car, a 50% whack in one go is a blow.

There is still a range of free charging options, but these low-powered outlets give only a couple of kilometres emergency boost. A Full charge would require an overnight stop.

50kw charging remains unchanged, with Chargefox claiming 35,000 customers being able to use a large range of outlets. Chargefox has its own stations as well as managing station own by other businesses.

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