It was not an easy day for Scuderia Ferrari at the British Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc took the team’s ninth podium of the season at Silverstone but Sebastian Vettel finished outside the points, after he collided with Max Verstappen on lap 37.

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Charles and Max. When the five red lights went out, Charles kept his third place, while Sebastian immediately passed Pierre Gasly to move up one. Then Max Verstappen closed on Charles and a exciting duel ensued over ten laps, as the two men passed and re-passed each other. The battle even continued to rage after both men made their first pit stops on lap 13. Verstappen actually managed to come out of pit lane very slightly ahead of Leclerc, but the Monegasque didn’t give up and a few corners later, he got in front again, which had the crowd on their feet.

Safety Car period. On lap 20, Antonio Giovinazzi went off track and the race director invoked the Virtual Safety Car. Sebastian Vettel made the most of this, pitting to go from Soft to Hard tyres, rejoining in third place. On the same lap, Verstappen made a second stop, which meant the Scuderia had to react, immediately calling in Charles again to switch him from the Mediums to the Hard. In the meantime, the real Safety Car had come out and the field closed up. Leclerc therefore found himself on the tail of Verstappen and Gasly in the Red Bulls. These two soon swapped places so that Charles was now following the Frenchman, whom he passed on lap 35 on the outside of the Loop corner.

Sebastian. Ahead of Charles, Verstappen had meanwhile closed on Sebastian. On lap 37, the Dutchman attacked the German down the Hang