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“Jeeves, bring the MINI round the front would you – there’s a good fellow!”

Australian automotive aristocracy is in for a shake-up with MINI today announcing that it has secured ten limited-edition MINI Goodwoods for Australia.

Unlike any other MINI, this social-climbing upstart is based on a Cooper S but was built under the guidance of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars designer team and transfers the unmistakable style of one British luxury car manufacturer to another equally original, yet quirky British marque.

Just 1,000 MINI Goodwoods have been crafted for the worldwide market, all of which are emblazoned with the marking: “1 of 1000” on their centre consoles.

Despite being a Cooper S, the bonnet scoop has been removed ensuring the MINI Goodwood’s regal presence when viewed from any angle. The diamond black metallic paint has a rich ‘liquid’ effect which oozes luxury.  And polishing the intricate 17” Multi-Spoke Alloy Wheels in Silver will keep the butler busy well into the night.

The opulent interior sees Goodwood Cornsilk leather adorning the doors, the top of the instrument panel, knee rolls, centre console and rear inside door trim. This blends seamlessly into the headliner, sun visors, parcel shelf and pillars all in Cashmere.

Rolls Royce is renowned for its natural wood finishes and thus, the MINI Goodwood’s interior surfaces inherit a rich walnut veneer.

Cornsilk carpets line the floor and are complemented by Rolls Royce Lambswool floor mats, taken from only the happiest and most handsome lambs.

Chrome switches, a Rolls Royce leather steering wheel, even Rolls Royce lettering throughout the instrument cluster all give the MINI Goodwood an air of superiority.

As one might expect, those noble and distinguished customers wishing to acquire a MINI Goodwood in Australia need not bring their fountain pen as every box on the option list has already been ticked on their behalf. The special edition three-door MINI includes in its specification an automatic transmission, MINI Navigation System, Voice Control (of course) and a harman/kardon Hi-Fi system to name just a few features.

As the combined cycle fuel consumption of the MINI Cooper S with Automatic transmission is less than 7.0 litres/100km, the MINI Goodwood further proves its place among the upper-class by evading the luxury car tax.

While all illustrious MINI Goodwood customers will no-doubt be unconcerned with the small matter of the price, the MINI Goodwood will have a Manufacturers Recommended List Price (MRLP) including GST of $74,500.

Eight of the ten MINI Goodwoods secured for Australia have already been purchased leaving just two of these rare collectors’ items up for sale.

The MINI Goodwood is the latest in a long line of MINI special edition models which includes the recently announced MINI Baker Street and MINI Bayswater, the MINI Soho and the MINI John Cooper Works World Championship 50.