Architect Bjarke Ingels has worked with AUDI AG to bring his vision of a “digital street” to life for the Design Miami, 2011 exhibition.

The architects of Bjarke Ingels Group created the concept in 2010 for the Audi Urban Future Award architecture competition. Now they have translated their vision, called “Urban Future,” into an interactive, three-dimensional LED installation. The model shows a street without limits – one that can continuously change its function from a highway to a pedestrian zone, and even to a recreation area.

At the heart of it is the Audi A2 concept vehicle: an integral part of the installation that communicates with the street and with people on the move. As part of this concept, Audi continues to offer a peek at electric driving in the megacities of the future, with the ongoing A2 concept technology study. The purely electric powered A2 concept is a classic space concept: a premium vehicle for metropolitan areas featuring generous amounts of space and composed road manners.

The exhibition will run from November 30 – December 4.

Audi has long been fulfilling its social responsibility on many levels – with the aim of making the future worth living for generations to come. The basis for Audi’s lasting success is therefore formed by environmental protection, the conservation of resources, international competitiveness and a forwardlooking human resources policy. One example of AUDI AG’s commitment to environmental issues is the newly established Audi Environmental Foundation.