Now You Can Try The Subaru’s Latest Impreza Before You Buy

DriveMyCar, partnered with Subaru Australia to give savvy lookers and UberX drivers a test drive in one of 101 new Subaru Imprezas.

DriveMyCar allows bith private and business drivers, including UberX drivers, access to a huge and varied range of cars at up to 62% less than traditional car rentals companies.

gaycarboys-MY17-Impreza-20i-S-Pure-RedLaunched to promote 2017 Impreza, the partnership allows UberX drivers and other prospective buyers the chance to experience the car, for only $199 per week.

UberX drivers also have the luxury to drive a brand new car, while earning a flexible income, without the long-term commitment and costs of owning it, before they have checked out its suitability on road.

“Following the success of the deployment of 10 of our Levorg wagons through DriveMyCar, we have kicked it up a gear by offering 101 Imprezas through the peer-to-peer platform,” said Colin Christie, Managing Director, Subaru Australia.

“This supports our ‘101 stories’ initiative, which we used to launch new Impreza, with huge success, based on customer uptake.

“DriveMyCar is taking-off and having these vehicles available for rent through the peer-to-peer platform will allow thousands of potential customers to experience the new Impreza in real life, in a ‘try before you buy’ scenario or as an UberX passenger.”

Chris Noone, CEO, DriveMyCar, added: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers such a sought-after car and at a really competitive price. We think they will love it!”

The 101 vehicles will be available for rental from 15 March 2017 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, for a competitive price of only $199 per week.

For more information about DriveMyCar’s Subaru Impreza offering, visit: