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Chargefox wants your help accelerate the roll-out of their charging network to expand their business.

They opened our first Chargefox station back in 2018, as part of a goal to reduce Australia’s road transport emissions. Since then they’ve managed more than 100,000 charging sessions across over 1,300 plugs on the network. They’re building new stations and expanding to our network every day, so they claim.

“If we are to realise our goal of 100% of road transport being powered by renewable energy, then we need more chargers in more places. “


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“Whether you own an EV or are looking to purchase one in the future, you are part of the EV community and can help shape it’s future. From getting in touch with a suggestion for a new charger location, to contacting your local MP to make sure your neighbourhood is EV-ready, there are plenty of ways to have your say about the future of electric vehicles.”

We’ve already seen a 17% drop in carbon emissions this month from less petrol cars on the road, just think about how much of an impact a full electric future could have.

Suggest a station location

Many EV drivers don’t know that Chargefox only own the ultra-rapid chargers on the Chargefox network. Most of the others chargers on the network are owned by ‘site hosts’ – councils and businesses like shopping centres, restaurants and service centres. They work closely with Chargefox to make sure their stations are easy to find and use via the Chargefox app.

“We get so many requests for new station locations, so have now created a simple form for drivers to put one forward.

While we can’t guarantee to make it happen, we’ll chat to that business and do our best to see if we can. It will also help us spot trends and areas of high demand, to hopefully get more chargers on the network, sooner.”

Chargefox is investigating locations such as: chain fast food restaurants, petrol stations, and hardware chains that do sausage sizzles.