some. famous. car. model. numbers. like. 718. referring. to. the. original. Porsche. 550. Spyder. and. the. latest. four.-cylinder. Porsche. Boxster. and. .Caymans




  • Numeric Heritage plates to suit famous car models
  • Unique plates to mark the model years
  • Significant numeric combinations
  • Usual transfer fees waived for this sale

Some of the world’s most collectable automotive numbers will be sold on a ‘plate’ at Shannons Sydney Summer Auction on Monday, February 6.

Shannons annual black and white Heritage number plate sale will see 30 sought-after, three, four and five digit New South Wales plates go under the hammer – many representing famous model and engine numbers for BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Ford, and Porsche.

Impressively, all will be sold without the usual transfer fee of up to $2,000 per-plate.
Amongst the plates perfect for adorning special European models are the BMW model numbers ‘325’, ‘435’, ‘520’ and ‘530’; while Ferrari owners have a chance to add ‘430’ and ‘550’ to their contemporary prancing horses.

Porsche fans have the choice of two significance three-digit plates: ‘914’ for the Stuttgart sports car maker’s first volume production mid-engine road car, the 914, and ‘718’, representing the model name for the current series of four-cylinder Boxster and Cayman models.

Mopar fans will rejoice at the opportunity to purchase ‘340’ or ‘440’, which refer to the capacity of two of Chrysler’s most popular V8 engines used in some of their most famous high performance cars of the 1960s and early 1970s. Meanwhile Ford fanciers have ‘260’ which relates to early 1960s V8 vehicles.

If you would like to identify your new car with the year of its birth, the four-digit plates ‘2017’ and ‘2018’ are also on offer.

Away from car models, there are also some appealing and significant numeric combinations amongst the 30 plates on offer.

They include the NSW plates ‘4488’, ‘8008’, ‘10202’, ‘99995’ and ‘70007’.

Sale prices are expected to range from $70,000-$110,000 for three digit plates, depending on their demand and significance to collectors; $35,000-$$50,000 for four-digit plates and $20,000-$28,000 for five-digit plates.