The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), on behalf of Australian automotive brands, is escalating its Takata airbag warning with a new advertising campaign across multiple communication platforms.

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Tony Weber, chief executive of the FCAI, said the new Takata campaign is the second phase of an extensive communication program which began in July 2018, as part of a major international recall of faulty Takata airbags.

The advertising campaign is designed to promote awareness of the issue and to urge vehicle owners to have their cars checked immediately and rectified if necessary.

It consists of a series of repetitive advertisements directly warning vehicle owners that a faulty airbag could kill drivers and their passengers.

The new advertisements began screening this week across television, radio, newspapers, digital and social media.

The campaign directly targets vehicle owners in outer metropolitan suburbs and regional and rural cities and towns where vehicle manufacturers believe many of the outstanding vehicles are located.

“Our manufacturers have made tremendous progress in replacing faulty airbags. They have rectified more than two million vehicles,” Mr Weber said.

“Our advertising campaign, launched twelve months ago, has worked really well and more than seven million vehicle owners have checked their vehicle status on our website

“However, there are still many more vehicles in Australia that require faulty airbags to be replaced.

“Many owners of outstanding vehicles have simply overlooked the need to check the status of their vehicles. Many others may erroneously believe that a faulty airbag will not affect them,” Mr Weber said.

“By increasing the tempo of the advertising with more direct messaging, we hope to seize the attention of vehicle owners and their families.”

Mr Weber urged vehicle owners to check the recall status of their vehicles by using the industry’s Takata airbag website and by taking prompt action to arrange for the free rectification of any affected vehicles.

“It’s a really simple process. Just go to the website and enter your vehicle’s registration and state or territory. You can also check by texting TAKATA to 0487 AIRBAG (247 224),” Mr Weber said.