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Fiat Automobiles S.p.A., is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy producing Fiat branded cars, and is a subsidiary of FCA Italy. Founded in Italy in 1899, Fiat is rooted in a more than century-long tradition of designing and making small cars, many of which have become icons.

407, 2020

All New Fiat 500 at palazzo Chigi

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Above: This Week's Car Review - 2020 Toyota Landcruiser Sahara Top GayCarBoys Stories: DON’T Drive YOUR CAR until you’ve Checked if your AIRBAG will KILL YOU 10 Hottest Racing Drivers Top 10 Gay Lesbian LGBT Cars Talented Twinks – Callum Ilott Virtually Races Arthur [...]

2505, 2020

Why Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Chrysler are so bad

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Above: This Week's Car Review - 2020 Mitsubishi ASX Exceed Why do Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Chrysler sell so few cars? Fiat is a mere shadow of its former self. Only 3 passenger models and 2 commercial models are now sold in Australia. Together [...]

1305, 2020

FCA Jeep Wrangler Environmental Impact reduced

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Above: Jeep Wrangler tipped over during crash tests though. SEE THIS article in Jalopnic. FCA May have reduced the environmental impact, but crash test impacts are a different matter. The Jeep Wrangler floor ripped open in Australian tests, and overturned during USA tests. [...]

905, 2020

FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Manufactures Face Masks in China

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Above: GayCarBoys Video car Reviews - Subaru XV Hybrid In an effort to continue to help those at the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) today announced the ramp up of face mask production, tripling its initial capacity. As previously [...]

1703, 2017

Forever Young: Iconic Fiat 500 Celebrates 60th Birthday

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With nearly six million vehicles sold since 1957, the Fiat 500 kicks off the celebrations of 60 years of great success The “Forever Young” badge will feature in all celebratory activities These include a multimedia journey to discover the legend of 500 at The first tribute is the Fiat [...]

1503, 2015

Fiat 500 and Abarth: 60’s Chic with Modern Style, at a cost.

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Fiat 500 and Abarth: 60’s Chic with Modern Style Yes yes yes oh yes: cute, relatively comfy, stylish Oh dear me no: horrible auto, only 5 speeds in manual, too expensive in anything but the base model. The Bambino, a classic of the late 50’s, was built for nearly [...]

1002, 2014

<a href="">Dont hate me 2QT2bSTR8 says Fiat sweet little Panda</a>

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YES YES YES oh YES: cute, fashionable, stocked with gadgets Oh dear me no: a bit plasticy inside, Ride choppy in places, 2cyl engine runs out of legs fast City cars, two of the most depressing words in the English language. I have a recurring nightmare where I’m trapped [...]

802, 2013

<a href="">Fiat 500 Abarth Esseese: Bread, Wine and Cheese At Top Speed</a>

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Above: Fiat 500 ABARTH ABOVE: Fiat 500 “Bambino” Above: Fiat 130 SPORT Coupe Above: Fiat 130 SPORT Saloon Above:124 SPORT A fortnight spent in the company of the impossibly cute Fiat 500 Esseesse was as enlightening as it was enjoyable. It harkened back to the halcyon days of sun, [...]

1801, 2013

<a href="">Ipswich plays host to Fiat Nationals 2013</a>

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Today, Fiat enthusiasts will descend upon Queensland Raceway to celebrate their passion for the Fiat automobile at the 2013 Fiat Nationals Australia event. The annual affair celebrates the unique car maker and attracts motoring devotees from around Australia as they come together to share their passion for the Fiat [...]