2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrack Road Test, Review

Passenger cars are feeling less love than a PM’s election promise.

It had been many moons since last I drove a Ranger, so I was looking forward seeing what Ford has managed to shoehorn into an old favourite.

LCVs like Ranger, Colorado, and Triton, now account for a substantial number of Australian vehicle sales.

Unsurprisingly then, Ranger is Ford’s best seller. The company sold 69,081 cars last year of which 42,144 were Rangers. 5,261 were rear wheel drive, with the remainder being full-blooded 4WD models, just as it should be.

Ford shed 11.6% of its sales as a result of much-loved local models being axed. Ranger then becomes their most important product.

There are a plethora of tasty updates including infotainment, engine, transmission and onboard technology.

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