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  • New FG Falcon MkII is packed with more technologies and features than ever previously offered by Ford in this market sector
  • Latest smart technologies including 8.0-inch colour touch screen multimedia interface and USB connectivity
  • Enhanced safety package with side curtain airbags now standard on all Falcon sedans and side head/thorax airbags now standard on all Falcon Ute models
  • FG Falcon MkII with EcoBoost will introduce Australian large car buyers to the latest global engine technology from Ford in early 2012


Melbourne, Australia, 15 September, 2011

Ford Australia today previewed the new FG Falcon MkII range, featuring the latest smart technologies, an enhanced safety package, new exterior design appointments and improved vehicle refinement, while also confirming the introduction timing of the first global application of EcoBoost engine technology in a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

With volume production commencing in the fourth quarter, FG Falcon MkII will showcase the best of Ford Australia’s design, engineering and technological expertise, from the new 8.0-inch colour touch screen to the integrated audio, phone and navigation functions, and the comprehensive occupant protection package.  

Ford’s patented EcoBoost engine technology will continue the FG Falcon MkII story and deliver more smart innovations to the latest Falcon range when it arrives in early 2012.

“The improvements we’re making to the award-winning Falcon range with the introduction of FG Falcon MkII will make a great Australian car even better,” Ford Australia President & CEO Bob Graziano said.

“FG Falcon MkII builds on the success of the FG Falcon program, as well as the recently released new Territory range, by offering customers more equipment and the latest technology innovations, while continuing to deliver outstanding performance, fuel efficiency, refinement and safety.”

Latest smart technologies
Class-leading accommodation, user-friendly technology, a spacious, driver-oriented cockpit and stylish interior environment are all hallmarks of the FG Falcon.

FG Falcon MkII builds on these acclaimed qualities while taking vehicle interaction, system control and integration to the next level with the addition of new technologies and features.

A new Interior Command Centre (ICC) with an advanced 8.0-inch colour touch screen headlines the list of smart technology features that will be introduced on FG Falcon MkII.

While maintaining the overall appearance, form and functionality of the current ICC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) design, the addition of the new, larger and interactive ICC screen will give customers an advanced, yet user-friendly, interface to control all the main in-car functions such as audio, phone and satellite navigation systems.

The 8.0-inch colour touch screen will be fitted as standard equipment on all Falcon sedan models except for the entry-level Falcon XT, where it will be available as an option. On Falcon Ute it will be standard equipment on XR6 and XR6 Turbo models, and offered as an option on the entry-level XL model.

On high series G6E and G6E Turbo models, the 8.0-inch colour touch screen will also feature a new integrated satellite navigation system with Traffic Message Channel (TMC)1 as standard equipment.

The new touch screen navigation system includes the following features:

  • “Green routing” – calculates the most economical route, as well as the fastest and shortest routes available
  • Choice of 2D or 3D map modes
  • Overspeed and speed camera warnings
  • “Where Am I” feature to show nearby points of interest
  • Street house numbers left and right displayed
  • Advanced lane guidance and signpost information indicating which lane to use
  • “Junction view” showing graphical representation of road
  • Traffic Message Channel (TMC)

The new touch screen interface replaces the remote control-based operation of previous-generation Falcon navigation systems, providing customers with a fully integrated and user-friendly driver assistance system.

All FG Falcon MkII models will also be equipped with a new instrument cluster featuring a new design and new graphics, as well as improved functionality.

All audio systems – base, prestige and premium – have been upgraded with the inclusion of a new USB input facility to play MP3 audio files.  In USB mode, the user can play and browse all MP3 files through the audio system.

Compatible USB devices include memory sticks, flash drives and external powered hard drives, while memory support is to a maximum of one terabyte.  Once a USB device is connected, a pop up message will display “USB Connected” in conjunction with the flash indicator on the USB device, if one is fitted.

The new USB input is located inside the centre console storage bin, adjacent to a new iPod holder for the iPod integration system and a re-located auxiliary input socket.

Enhanced safety package
Since its introduction in 2008, FG Falcon has been at the forefront of vehicle safety in Australia, continuing Ford’s long-standing reputation for engineering excellence and safety leadership.

FG Falcon set the benchmark for locally-manufactured vehicles as the first Australian-built car to receive the maximum five-star safety rating from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

The new FG Falcon MkII range improves upon Falcon’s first-class safety package even further, with the addition of side curtain airbags as standard equipment across the entire sedan range and head/thorax-protecting side airbags as standard equipment across the full Falcon Ute line-up.

Rear parking sensors will also be fitted to all Falcon sedan models as part of the FG Falcon MkII program. Already standard equipment on the luxury G Series range, the reverse sensing system will bolster the extensive list of standard features on Falcon XT, XR6 and XR6 Turbo models.

Using four ultrasonic sensors mounted in the rear bumper, the reverse sensing system assists the driver when reversing into or out of a parking space with an audible warning of obstacles at or near the rear of the vehicle.  A graphic is also displayed on the Interior Command Centre (ICC) screen, to supplement the audible warnings.

FG Falcon MkII also includes a new ‘Generation 9.0’ Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system – incorporating Traction Control (TCS), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) functions – which is coupled with the addition of DSC as standard equipment on the entry-level workhorse Falcon Ute models.

Premium design appointments
The sophisticated, contemporary exterior design of FG Falcon is recognised for combining excellent proportions with modern surfacing to present a vehicle that is more refined, composed and confident on the road.

FG Falcon MkII evolves the current kinetic design influences, while continuing to offer customers a choice of sleek, luxury style with the G Series range and the unique, distinctive sporty characteristics of the legendary XR brand.

All FG Falcon MkII models feature new tri-plane front end architecture with signature trapezoidal main grille.  The new front fascia designs incorporate new bumpers, new slimline upper air intake with wing-form grille blades that cradle the Blue Oval badge, new lower trapezoidal main grille, new supplementary lower cooling slot and new grille finishes. 

On high series and sports models, the new front design also includes a new lighting package with precision design projector headlamps.

New alloy wheels have been introduced on Falcon XT, G6, G6E, G6E Turbo and XR6 models, while a new design 19-inch wheel is available on both XR6 and XR6 Turbo models as part of a new optional Luxury Pack.

XT – New front fascia design with new bumper, new upper and lower grilles, new chrome upper grille finish and new air intake aperture treatment, along with new design 16-inch alloy wheels in a premium 10-spoke style.

G6 – New front fascia design with new bumper, new upper grille with satin alloy finish, new lower grille with chrome surround and new fog lamp bezel with chrome/high silver paint finish, along with new design 17-inch alloy wheels in a Y-spoke style 10-spoke pattern.

G6E – New front fascia design with new bumper, new upper and lower grilles with chrome trim and satin alloy finishes, new projector headlamps with chrome bezels and new front LED position lamps. New 18-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels complete the design upgrade on G6E.

G6E Turbo – New front fascia design with new bumper, new upper and lower grilles with chrome trim and satin alloy finishes, new projector headlamps with black bezels and new front LED position lamps.  New 19-inch alloy wheels in a 10-spoke design featuring a striking machined front face complete the design upgrade on G6E Turbo.

XR6 – New, more purposeful front fascia design with a new sports front bumper featuring winglets and pronounced sculpting around the fog lamps and lower grille to create aerodynamic tunnels.  The new XR front end also includes new upper and lower grilles with recessed black mesh, new signature XR projector headlamps with black bezels and new fog lamps, also with black bezels. 

New 18-inch alloy wheels in an eye catching, highly sculpted Y-spoke design (as fitted to the high-performance XR6 Turbo model) complete the new design package on XR6.

XR6 Turbo – New, more purposeful front fascia design with a new sports front bumper featuring winglets and pronounced sculpting around the fog lamps and lower grille to create aerodynamic tunnels.  The new XR front end also includes new upper and lower grilles with recessed black mesh, new signature XR projector headlamps with black bezels and unique fog lamp treatment with chrome/high silver paint finish.

The new XR Luxury Pack on XR6 and XR6 Turbo sedan models includes leather seat trim, reverse camera, satellite navigation system, dual zone automatic climate control, premium audio system, unique interior finishes and new design 19-inch alloy wheels in a split five-spoke style.

On Falcon Ute XR6 and XR6 Turbo models, the Luxury Pack includes the same list of high-end features and technologies, except for reverse camera and premium audio system.

A new rear badging strategy, first shown on the recently launched Falcon EcoLPi models, will carry through to the FG Falcon MkII range, distinguishing the new models from their predecessors.

Refined quality
FG Falcon introduced a host of new features, systems and technologies that set a new benchmark for vehicle refinement in an Australian-designed and built vehicle. It delivered major advances in key areas of vehicle refinement, from enhancing desired engine and exhaust sounds, to reducing driveline, wind and road noises.

The result was exceptional levels of comfort and quietness that made Falcon a more comfortable and pleasant vehicle for journeys of all kinds.

FG Falcon MkII takes vehicle refinement a step further, using development learnings and engineering improvements from the new SZ Territory program to enhance Falcon’s comprehensive sound deadening package.

The dash, floor and body sound package has been optimised through increases to the inner dash insulator minimum thickness and the front floor sound barrier.

Customers will instantly notice and appreciate the exceptionally low levels of noise in the cabin, as all of these enhancements have been engineered in Australia specifically for local conditions.

Smart engine technology
FG Falcon MkII will herald the arrival of EcoBoost engine technology to the Falcon sedan range, marking another major milestone in Ford Australia’s plan to bring a range of sustainability initiatives to market.

Falcon EcoBoost is the first global application of an EcoBoost engine in a rear-wheel drive and will introduce the latest smart engine technology from Ford to large car buyers in Australia.

EcoBoost uses direct injection and turbocharging to deliver more power and performance from a lower displacement powerplant, yet with impressive fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

“EcoBoost technology gives us everything customers have told us they want: a combination of the performance they expect and the fuel economy improvements they demand that, until now, has only been achievable with the latest-generation turbo diesel powertrains,” Graziano said

EcoBoost petrol engines use much of the same technology that is found in today’s state-of-the-art turbo-diesels, such as:

  • A high-pressure direct injection fuel system fed by a common rail that delivers a precise amount of fuel in the exact spot for fast and complete burn
  • Turbocharging to create a more dense mix of air and fuel in each cylinder
  • Special pistons with optimised bowls in the centre to improve combustion efficiency – these pistons are also oil-cooled, which reduces in-cylinder temperatures
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy

Just like diesels, Ford’s EcoBoost engines deliver outstanding performance and driving enjoyment at all speeds, however, EcoBoost accomplishes this at less cost than a similar-displacement diesel engine.

EcoBoost engines are already on sale in a number of Ford vehicles around the world and by 2013, will by available in 80 per cent of the company’s global nameplates.

“Ford customers have embraced EcoBoost technology because of its ability to deliver power and performance with uncompromised fuel economy,” Graziano added. 

“With its introduction to Falcon, we’re expanding its reach to more customers so they can enjoy its unique blend of power, performance and fuel economy.”

With more than 125 patents and patent applications on its EcoBoost technology, Ford’s global EcoBoost engine family is the cornerstone of its near-term sustainability plan to deliver high-volume, affordable, fuel-efficient vehicles that customers both want and value.

More information on Falcon EcoBoost will be announced closer to its launch in early 2012.

1 Ford has an agreement to provide the Suna Traffic Channel broadcast for a minimum of five years from the time of vehicle manufacture. Refer to http://www.sunatraffic.com.au for full details.