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The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Ford is a legendary car company. It’s perhaps best known as the first auto manufacturer to automate production with an assembly line, pay workers a fair daily wage, and produce a vehicle for the mass-market.

1803, 2016

<a href="">Fit Ford Finds oFFroad Form: Everest Climbs a Mountain of Expectation in a Single Bound</a>

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When I’m old (er), I’m going to sell up and head for a mountain where I shall build a cabin with my bare hands. Actually it will probably be a couple of fitted out shipping containers off-grid. I picture myself surrounded by green trees with thick ancient trunks, and a [...]

2501, 2016


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  Thanks Brent: FORD’S latest generation Mustang is both a stayer and a sprinter, a solid workhorse when it comes to performance but a bona fide show pony whenever it is time to glam it up. LET ME SAY right from the start that I have never been a lover [...]

1308, 2015

<a href="">Ford&rsquo;s Falcon XR8: The Beauty and the Beast</a>

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      Holden, Ford and Toyota will stop making cars here very soon. In a few years, auto manufacturing will be just a distant memory after the anti-manufacturing federal government killed off the subsidies last year. It was an odd move considering the tens of billions Australia spends subsidising [...]

908, 2015

<a href="">Ford&rsquo;s Fab Fiesta ST: The Fiesty City Hatch</a>

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It’s cute, it’s zippy, it’s small and it’s fabulous. The days of hot hatches are fast diminishing because even modest hatches are warmish. There so many contenders for frisky city cars and each claims to be better than the last. At heart, Ford’s Fiesta is a humble shopping cart. It’s [...]

1707, 2015

<a href="">Mondeo: Ford&rsquo;s best kept secret weapon.</a>

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      Poor old Mondeo has always been a great car but for some odd reason makes people run from the showroom screaming. This is a shame because they will never sample the delights laying beneath the skin of what is now a very handsome machine, or its [...]

309, 2013

<a href="">Is Falcon Fit for a Foray into the Future?</a>

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    I sat down to write of my week in the Falcon G6E Turbo and found myself faced with a dilemma, because although I enjoyed the experience I couldn’t help but compare it with what else is about the place. I found the task getting more difficult the longer [...]

2208, 2013

<a href="">Focus Sport, Berrima, Lunch, and a cute barman</a>

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At the gates to an un-named mansion   above:- country lane near Berrima NSW   above 4 photos:- Settlers Inn (1834) Berrima NSW Vineyards in and around NSW southern Highlands NSW near Berrima automated parking (on top model) I took the Focus Sport to lunch at the Settlers Inn Berrima. [...]

1208, 2013

<a href="">Ford&rsquo;s Kuga: A Focus in a butcher frock</a>

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  What’s going on? What’s with the veritable flood AWD’s, 4WD’s and 2WD SUV’s? Why are almost a third of all vehicles sold in Australia of this ilk? Australia seems amidst a love affair that is only going one way, up. In this vein, a substantial numbers of cars we’ve [...]

2407, 2013

<a href="">What a Clever Little Astra. We drive the OPC and Compare to the Focus ST</a>

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Opel’s Astra OPC vs Ford’s Fab Focus ST Although it’s been done to death, this comparison naturally occurs and many writers feel the need to throw in Renault’s Megane RS. Indeed it looks good, they all do. You can read our earlier drive of the Focus HERE but we took [...]

1601, 2013

<a href="">Focus ST: Ford&rsquo;s secret weapon. First Impressions</a>

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