A product of a platform sharing partnership with Mercedes Benz, a keen eye might spot a more than a few similarities with a Mercedes GLA when it, and the QX30, park side-by-side. There is a vague likeness of roofline and size, but the Infiniti has injected personality with gratuitous surface sculpting and chrome detailing. What looks like glass at first glance on the rear pillar, is blacked outed out metal bodywork. The swooping roofline is borrowed from the Mercedes, as is the high-set mini-SV-like stance. In its own way, the QX30 is quite beautiful. The “X” part of the QX nomenclature signifies Infiniti QX30AWD.

Infiniti sees the QX30 as a lifestyle vehicle for someone who might like a bit of outdoorsy-weekending that didn’t involve too much mud. The 155kw 2.0L petrol engine has a respectable 350Nm of torque which powers all 4 wheels through a 7-speed double-clutch automatic gearbox.

Infiniti QX30 (7)Infiniti QX30 (8)

With a drive away price of $53,712 (NSW), you get a small, luxury SUV with Japanese build quality, and the odd bit of German OCD-engineering thrown in for good measure.

With the unique exterior, comes an impeccable interior. Much of the switch gear is borrowed from the GLA, but Mercedes hideous column mounted gear selector has been replaced by an easy-peesy pistol-grip in the usual place on the centre console. Just behind it is a one-touch electric parking brake button, the sports/econ switch for the DCT, and the control centre for the infotainment system.

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