How about this little number for your own humble shack. Doesn’t it look like a 4 door Bugatti Veyron? That’s because it’s a new posh car concept from Bugatti. It hasn’t got the go ahead yet, but the big bosses are putting the finishing touches to their shiny business case.

The Galibier is believed to be heading to market with a 4 digit output engine. We’re assuming they mean horsepower not kilowatts.  You would rocket to 100 kph in 3 seconds and use more oil than is produced by the Arabs in ten years and will cost the GDP of a small country. Is it pretty? Ummmm…. well it’s impressive but it doesn’t float my boat. Would I like  a spin in the old girl? You bet. But instead of buying one I’d be signing up for an Aston Martin Rapide and spending the change on an investment property!

Let’s wait and see if they decide to make it or not.