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1507, 2019

Nissan LEAF 2019: All New EV Powers Your Home VIDEO REVIEW

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2020 Nissan Leaf Launch Review Nissan Leaf is the world’s top selling electric car. Why? Price. The entry level EV allowed bolder buyers to dip their first toe into the bewildering waters of of the 21st century.. TV personality, Osher Günsberg was one such bewildered boy, and has driven a Leaf since 2011. He loved it so much, he is on his 3rd car. He has driven in many countries and has brought in to EV ownership 100%. Nissan sells 10,000 Leafs [...]

807, 2019

2019 Toyota RAV4 EDGE Video Review: A Medium SUV with a twist

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Toyota styled new RAV4 to appeal to the man who like speedos and westuits on the weekend. It is bold, with an interior that can be wiped clean in case of nasty spills, and we have all had those. EDGE is the top model, and the one I'd go for, with its 8 speed automatic and intrior ornage highlights.

607, 2019

Glamping: 2019 Caddy Beach Kombi-type Camper Video Review

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VW Caddy Beach Video Review Volkswagen Caddy Beach: The Kombi for the New Millennium Why Caddy Beach? In the 30’s Volkswagen was born. A single model, the Type 1, was carefully nurtured, and it grew. It spawned even more models. And lo, it was good. The much loved people’s car became known as the Käfer, which is German for Beetle. Many a relationship, however short, was consummated in a Beetle, and that same ethos led to the type 2, more commonly known as [...]

407, 2019

Canberra road Trip in a Luxury Jaguar XJ Autobiography Long Wheelbase

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Imagine taking a 1st class cabin on an A380, to connect with your luxury yacht. You’re sitting in a deeply padded arm chair, watching a movie, and sipping champagne. There is a tray of neat canapés, lined up like obedient soldiers, at your right hand. You want to pull down a sun shade, so you reach for a button. That is what posh buyers desire. Some want to be seen, and some want to be shielded. Others lust for clicking cameras as they step out on to a red carpet. They demand the best, and have the where-with-all [...]

2906, 2019

Citroën C3 Aircross Launch Review

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Citroën C3 Aircross Driven, reviewd, and rated. Quirky Citroën was once a leader. Its innovations saw patents aplenty. Ride and handling were always been at the top of the list of must-haves, but all has not been rosy. Last year Citroën sold a petite 495 cars. Petite is cute, unless you’re talking about car sales. This year has been as dire. Only 87 cars have been sold for the first quarter of 2019. Sister brand, Peugeot has done little better. Considering the size of the brands in Europe and China, Citroën deserves to do better. That makes me mad. [...]

1706, 2019

Range Rover Sport HSE P400 Hybrid Climbs 999 45° Stairs

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2019 Range Rover Sport HSE PHEV Did you know Jaguar Land Rover has a warrant? No, not a warranty, a warrant. Yes ladies and germs HM The Queen, and HRHs Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales love a bit of a Jaguar. Liz, Phil, and Chuck don’t mind a Range Rover either. They can often be seen whizzing about their taxpayer subsidised estates, often without having accidents, unless you count Phil’s car crash of a car crash. There are many reasons to buy an indulgent pressie too. Many miffed memsaabs were promised posh presents to sooth [...]

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