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1810, 2019

Nissan 370z 50th Anniversary Edition Review – Toowoomba Road Trip

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2020 Nissan 370z 50th Anniversary Edition Flight or Fight? To celebrate 50 years of the classic Z sports car Nissan has released the 2020 370z 50th anniversary edition. Its old school vibe is just nice and despite its sometimes negative critiques I found this car truly pleasurable to drive.  That said I am not your usual car fanatic, I genuinely look for a driving experience and the 370z delivered for me. It’s true that this car is a throwback [...]

1210, 2019

KIA Picanto GT, the Perfect City Car

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Is 2020 KIA Picanto GT the best ever City Car? KIA released Picanto to fill a gap in their line-up. In doing so, it reinvigorated the micro car segment, and quite right too. See our launch review HERE Does it look good? The venerable Peter Schreyer heads the KMC design studio, and brings the epitome of European good taste to KIA’s humble offerings. Yes ladies and gents, KIA is nipping at the heals of those uber-posh Euro-snobs by making sexy cars [...]

2708, 2019

Cool Hyundai KIA Electric Scooter Concept at CES

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Hyundai Motor Group has developed a new prototype of electric scooter. Building on its initial concept presented at CES 2017, the new model boasts rear-wheel drive, a highly-capable lithium battery and stylish front and rear lights. The latest concept features in future Hyundai Motor Group plans to enable first- and last-mile mobility through integrating the scooter with future Hyundai and Kia vehicles. When mounted on a vehicle, the scooter is charged automatically using electricity produced while driving, ensuring that the user can complete their journey seamlessly. The 2019 model’s [...]

2308, 2019

2019 Toyota Kluger Black Edition Review

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Toyota Kluger Video Review Since 2003, Kluger has found 170,000 homes, with 14,743 of those in 2018 alone. That means Kluger is the best selling SUV in the segment. But, is it any good? This model is the second Australian generation (1st generation was not sold here), and has been on sale since 2014. It got a wee a nip and tuck in 2017. Poor old Kluger is in its twilight years, even though its 5th [...]

1808, 2019

Maserati Track and off-road course day

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Maserati Track Day When Maserati says “track day”, you ask, “How fast”. David is a careful man. He likes things to be neat and ordered. His home is neat as a pin, and his mind, orderly, more or less. So, can he cope with a day on a race track? David took each each of the Maserati range out on the track, demonstrating his skills, or lack thereof. What are they like on the Skid [...]

708, 2019

A Very Gay 2019 VW Touareg Roadtrip

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2019 VW Touareg Roadtrip Heading up the Pacific Coast can be a daunting task. For those who have battled decades of tedious traffic and boring waits at road works, the grimy 4-lane ribbon is a welcome change. There is still a way to go before the job is done, but what is there, is good. The gap between the M1/F3 and the M2 will soon be fixed by a government tunnel being built, then sold to overseas buyers. We all know how [...]

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